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Chapter 1

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Sissy thinks I'm ugly
Brobro laughs and jeers
They beat me till I'm black and blue
They don't see my tears

Daddy isn't proud of me
I don't think Mommy Care
They locked me in my room
Then they left me there

Later I heard fighting
It was Mommy and Daddy again
Then I heard my Mommy scream
My Daddy had now killed ten

Sissy came to my room
And wrapped me in her arms
Now I know she cared about me
She regretted ever doing harm

But then Daddy came in
Holding a knife
One swift stroke
Ended Sissy's life

Then Brobro came in
And saw Daddy's knife
He was Daddy's 12th victim
Daddy ended his life

I was his 13th victim
I didn't make a sound
Daddy lifted the knife up
And then he brought it down

Now I am in heaven
Everything is well
God is looking after me
While Daddy is in hell

Please re-post if you have a heart :(


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