Just another fairytale!

Fallon is pronounced Fae-Lehn so yeah. Its basically bout her story. Hope you enjoy it!!
Two be born on Gemini,
One shall fall, the other rise,
This story tell's no fairy tale,
As blood and gut exchanged for frail,
When that battle comes, The the light shall shine,
Upon Estelle's true Gem and Pride,
And when past Legend lies,
But those lies tell truth!

The Prophecy shall be for filled!

that is the prophecy, but what does it mean?

Chapter 1

The Prohecy Given

Her Royal Highness, the Queen Regnant, Maria, was sitting nervously in her bed chamber waiting on the arrival of the prophetess, Idris of Beaulane.
Her maid's were holding the Queen's twin girls. Both where asleep peacefully.
Maria tried to calm herself down. She'd always known that a child of Royal blood receives a prophecy before they where born. After all, her own prophecy stated that she was going to be the first independent Queen and now, here she was.
The main trouble was not that. It was that Idris was not only known for giving the most confusing prophecies but also the most important ones too.
When she received the letter, Maria had known straight away that she was in trouble.
"My Lady, are you alright?" asked one of the maids, her face full with concern.
"Of course I am!" snapped the Queen. The maid looked away to hide her annoyed face.
Why does the Queen always have to be so rude? She thought. It's not like she's got any work to do.
Suddenly a man in a bright, pinstriped suit came running in. His face was red and he looked dehydrated.
"Andrew!" said the Maid. She rushed over to give him a glass of water.
"Thank you Lydia.." said Andrew the messenger, panting. The Queen too no notice of this advent.
"Andrew!" she barked. "Is she here?"
"Yes your highness" said Andrew bowing down low.
The Queen is very beautiful, he thought, but I would not like to have her as my wife! I much prefer Lydia.
Just then, the humongous door's of the Bed Chamber opened. A women with long red hair and misty grey eye's came walking in. Her shoulder's were back and her head was held high.
"Idris.." said the Queen, her lip curled.
"Maria." Idris replied. The 3 others in the room gasped. No one had ever addressed the Queen by her name.
The Queen rose of her seat.
"How dare you!.." she started but Idris cut across her.
"mind your manners your Highness!" she said in a mocking voice,"Do you want me to give you the Prophecy or not?" The Queen sat down, quite annoyed.
She wasn't scared anymore, now the Queen wanted to rip the women limb to limb but she did need that prophecy..
The Queen signaled for a chair. A maid standing next to Lydia handed the baby to her and ran forward with a chair.
"Why thank you Madeline!" said Idris. Madeline gasped.
How did this women know her name?
Idris smiled in amusement. "Te children please!" she announced. Lydia literally came running. Her blonde hair flying behind her.
She handed the babies to Idris and went to stand next to Madeline.
The Queen didn't want the Prophetess to handle her babies but what could she do?
"Hmnnn" she said. She looked from one baby to the next. "What are there names?"
"I thought you already knew that, after all, you did know Madeline's name." the Queen spat.
"Oh, that was only because she had a name tag!" said Idris merrily. Both the Queen and Madeline turned red.
"Elaina and Fallon" she answered. Idris nodded. The Queen was very annoyed. Why did she have to know all this information?
The, Madeline gasped and pointed at Idris who was now covered in a layer of white fog. Through it, you could she her eye's glowing gold.
"My babies!" yelped the Queen but Andrew held her back in time so she wouldn't leap on the Prophetess. The Idris began singing in a strange high pitched voice:

Two be born on Gemini,
One shall fall, the Eldest rise,
This story tell's no fairy tale,
As blood and gut exchanged for frail,
When that battle comes, The the light shall shine,
Upon Estelle's true Gem and Pride,
And when past Legend lies,
But those lies tell truth!

The Prophecy shall be for filled!

As she sang the last line, there were a million voice's out of now where singing it over and over again until the frightened Queen got so annoyed she yelled, "STOP!!"

Idris came out of her state and gave a large toothy smile. She stood up and dave the children to the maid's. Then she walked out without another word.
The Queen was flabbergasted! She didn't know what that meant. All she understood was that a coming battle was that the fate of the people of Estelle depended on the shoulder's of her eldest daughter.
The Queen was tired. She looked at the clock upon the wall. 12:34 am.
"I shall go to bed now!" she announced. Andrew and the maid's shook there head in agreement.
"Put the children to bed Madeline, and put the eldest one in the pink cot!" said the Queen and claimed onto her master bed.
Andrew bowed and left. A man was not even supposed to be in her Bed Chamber but he had special permission, it was only manners that he left straight after she fell asleep.
Madeline and Lydia went into the next room which was nearly as large as the Queen's, but decorated with white, not gold draping.
"What did you think that meant Lydia?" asked Madeline. She was still holding the twins.
"I have know Idea Maddy..WATCH OUT!" but Lydia yelled to late. Maddy tripped over a stray toy and dropped the Twins.
Lydia ran forward and picked up the babies. One was crying like a foghorn but the other was still asleep.
There different coloured blankets, which were the only thing that told them apart, where lying on the ground.
"Oh no!" said Madeline. She jumped to her feet and picked up the blankets.
They had another problem, which one was which?
"Quick!"hissed Lydia. She could here the Queen talking in her sleep.
Lydia quickly shoved Elaina in the pink cot and Fallon in the purple.
"Few!" sighed Lydia.
"Did you think we got the right one's in the right cot?" asked Madeline looking worried. She tucked a strand of her chocolate brown hair back behind her ear.
"Does it matter? It's not like the whole worlds going to depend on it!" joked Lydia.Madeline gave a nervous laugh and then her and Lydia walked out of the room, ready to go home.

The did not know how wrong they where.


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