Never Impossible...

This is a VERY real story, I'd NEVER make this up...
Deticated to my fellow creatures;
Brook and Kayla
Love you, sisters :)

Chapter 1

New Beggining

by: Dinosawr
I'm jumping out of my grandma's car, not forgetting to say goodbye and thanks for the ride. I take off towards the doors, run inside, and almost tackle Kayla. "KAYLA! Today's the day," I whispered exictedly,"The day we've been waiting all week for." She returned my look of excitment with more expression. I know she wanted this just as much as I did.
I hear the doors starting to let in all the chattering, sleepy students into the school from their old buses. I spot Brook's mahogany-red hair from the crowd and me and Kayla run to her. "Rebecca, Kayla, before you guys begin..I forgot the vile." My heart sank, Kayla shot me a look of pure disappointment. "Brook, I have my razor. Just cut your hand like you were going to." Brook sighs and looks at both of us, standing there with hopefulness in our eyes. "Fine, but Rebecca, I'm NOT turning Lucas today..Not until Monday.." I nodded, and looked for Lucas to tell my friend he had to wait. He would be a little disappointed, but he'd have to get over it. Brook dragged me and Kayla to the bathroom, where we went in the Handicapped Stall and locked the door. I pulled out my napkin-wrapped, pencil sharpener blade.
I handed it to Brook, she makes a 1-inch cut, enough to draw blood. Me and Kayla do the same, Kayla's is a little deeper than mine. Brook takes the blood, that is VERY slowly seeping from the cut, and wipes some on my cut. Then Kayla's. It burns a little, but I've come too far. Then, Brook speaks one word. Lick. We lick our cuts, the mixed blood is sweet and thick on my tongue. Kayla and I are mirror images; the outside of our palms in our mouths, and complete and utter satisfaction in our eyes. We unlock the door and stride out of the bathroom, just as the school day begins.

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