Kiss Kiss Fall in love (Ouran HSHC with a american twist) 6

sorry its late

Chapter 1

Breaking and Entering and Shopping

Beep Beep
I hit my annoying alram clock and sat up. Today was my day off. No school, no filming, this was one of my rare moments of free time.Then someone knocked at the door. "UGH! GO AWAY NO VISITORS!" A couple of fangirls came to my room asking for autographs sometimes. Luckily the door was locked. After a minute I could here footsteps going away from the door. I must have nodded off because I woke up to a loud click. I walked up to lock it again but the door suddenly swung open and almost hit me in the face. I looked up and Tamaki was standing smiling, with my apartment key in his hand. I paused for one second before I slapped him and shut the door. I locked the door and pushed a chair against it. Tamaki was yellingfor me to let him in, and I heard the twins yelling about something, and I heard Kyoya talking.
I sighed. Tamaki had gotten into my apartment with the host club, could this day get any better?
Then all of the host club memebers shut up. Slowly I walked back to to the door and opened it a little bit. Tamaki was down the hall talking to my neighbor. "Poor thing, so afraid from his life in America that he can't even be sure that his loyal friends are coming to visit him." Sighing I walked out of my apartment and up to Tamaki. "Okay Tamaki, Let's go your scaring the neighbors." I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him out of the building into the parking lot. Then I started to yell at him. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? YOU BREAK OPEN MY DOOR ON MY DAY OFF WITHOUT EVEN A CASUAL CALL TO SAY 'Hey Alex I am going to stop by and BREAK DOWN YOUR DOOR!!!" After a couple more minutes of yelling at him, Kyoya scared the crap out of me because he and the others were behind me when I was yelling. THen after I recovered from his sneak attack I liistened to him go on about the rules of the host club and how I must look presentable for the ladies. Then I started to get ticked.

(Tamaki time)
After Kyoya explained to Alex what we were doing she turned to me with an evil look in her eyes. Speaking through her teeth she said "So your telling me you ruined my morning to take me shopping?"
"Uhh, Maybe." Then she smiled at me and said "Okay but you're buying!" Then She got into the limo with Kyoya, Mori, and Hunny. The twins and I were just standing there. "Hikaru, Kaoru,"
"What boss?"
"What was that?"
Hikaru turned towards me, "I think we have witnessed the true power of. . . . . . PMS!"
After the three of us got in the car Alex looked at us. "You thought I was PMSing?"
The three of us nodded. Alex started to laugh, and laugh and laugh. She started to laugh so hard. Was she mocking us?


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