Heart-warming Quotes...

Basically what the title says. These quotes fill my heart with happiness. :)

Chapter 1

Friendship Quotes

You’re just jealous,
That we act retarded in public,
And people STILL love us.
So here’s too..
The crap we talk,
The guys we stalk,
The way we shop,
Laughs we can’t stop.
The gossip we spill,
The looks that could kill,
We’ll stay together,
Coz we’re
Best friends forever!
A best friend isn’t...
Someone who’s always there for you,
It’s someone who knows you...
Just a little more than you do yourself.
Best Friends...
We’re the kind of people that laugh at a joke three times..
Once when it’s told,
The second when someone explains it to us..
And the third five minutes later when we actually get it!
So many memories
Many stupid fights,
A lot of inside jokes,
And heaps of CRAZY nights.
Everything crazy that I do,
It always seems to happen,
When I’m with you. 

True friends are never apart,
Maybe in distance,
But not in heart.

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