U Smile-Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 25

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Chapter 1

Are You Famous or Something?

I said wanting to cry because of the reminder that he had just given me, "I don't know to be honest. I'll get hurt a lot." Justin said probably seeing the hurt come over my features, "I know. I'm sorry that I brought that up. I didn't mean to upset over you." I said trying to mask the hurt, "No, you didn't upset me. I have to face the reality of you leaving sooner or later. Though I much rather it be later, it won't be." Justin pulled me into a hug and whispered softly into my ear, "I know. I'm sorry that I have to leave but like you said earlier, I have to follow my dream and wherever it takes me." I said remembering as he said that that I did say that to him, "Yeah. I know. Me and the things that I say that I wish that I never said." Justin said trying to fight back a smile and a laugh, "You are inspirational, you say whats on your mind and I like that about you. You don't hold back." I said smiling a little, "Yeah. Like I tell everyone else don't confuse my confidence for co^kiness." Justin said busting out laughing, "You are not cocky. I think I'm more co^ky then you." I said laughing with him, "You are not more co^ky then me. I think I'm the greatest basketball player since Kobe Bryant." Justin said laughing harder, "You are an amazing basketball player but you're not as good as Kobe. He maybe a little better than you, babe." I said pushing him and laughing harder, "Yeah, yeah. Okay. Just keep thinking that. I could kick his a** if I ever get a chance to play against him." (By the way, I think Kobe Bryant could kick my butt at basketball. Lol.) Justin said, "Yeah. Okay. Keep thinking that delusional thought." I said hitting his shoulder playfully, "Okay. One day, we'll put my theory to the test. I'll play in a game against Kobe and see who is better." Justin said holding his shoulder where I hit him, "Okay. I'll remember that." Avalon said looking between Justin and I, "As much as I like hearing you two fight over who is a better b-ball player. I'm hungry. Do you have anything to eat in this awesome house?" I said making my way to the kitchen, "Yeah. I have some pizza and lasagna leftovers from last night. I got it from the restuarant so it should taste delcious."

-After Eating-

I said breaking the silence that had formed while we were eating, "We should watch a movie." Avalon asked looking happy, "What movie?" I said putting my plate in the sink, "I was thinking about A Nightmare on Elm Street. How does that sound?" Avalon, Mason, and Greg said at the same time, "Okay. Sure." I asked because Justin didn't say anything, "Do you want to, Justin. If you don't then we can watch something else." Justin said looking like he had just snapped out of a daydream which he probably had, "No, its okay with me. I love that movie," I asked looking at him with an accusing look, "Since when do you like that movie?" Justin said, "Since I found it out it was your favorite movie." I said as he looked away from me, "You're lying to me." Justin said looking down at the ground, "Okay. I am lying. I was daydreaming about something and I didn't hear what you said so I just agreed." I said, "You shouldn't just agree with someone like that. They could be asking you if they could r^pe you and you would agree to it." Justin said as Avalon, Greg, and Mason bursted out laughing, "Cheyenne, you and I both know that that would never happen. No one askes you if they can r^pe you, they just do it." I said laughing now, "Yeah. Okay. Being r^ped is not what we are taking about. We are talking about listening to what people say which is very important." Justin said cracking a smile, "Sure, sure. I'll work on my listening skills." I said walking out of the kitchen and going towards my media room which was huge. It was like my own personal movie theatre which every one of my friends loved.

-Inside The Media Room-

Mason said looking around the room at my DVD collection which consisted of 5,314 DVDs, "Holy crap. That is a lot of movies, I didn't know that there were that many DVDs out." I counted them all one time because I was bored and didn't anything better to do so I counted my collection. I had every kind of movie that you could think of like romantic-comedies to horrors movies. I had more horror movies then anything else because I liked them because I liked being scared and thinking what if what was happening in the movie was happening to me. I may sound like a weird person and I kind of am but I'm okay with that. I said smiling a little at his expression, "Yeah. Its an okay collection. I could have more if I wanted to." Avalon asked looking at the movie 'The Breakfast Club,' "Are you like some kind of movie star or singer?" I said laughing a little, "No, I am not. Why?" Avalon said putting the movie back, "Because you have all these nice things that no normal person would have except they were rich and famous." I said grabbing 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' from where it sat on the top shelf, "You are so funny but right. I'm just spoiled. Thats what you get when you're an only child." Greg said, "I wish I was an only child but that can't happen because I have Mason as an annoying younger brother and Avalon as my arrogant little sister." I said as Avalon and Mason punched him, "That is so mean. I would love to have Avalon as my sister and Mason as my brother. It sucks to be an only child. Its not all its cracked up to be." Greg said probably trying to be funnier, "Yeah then I have you as an adoptive sister but I kind of like having you as a sister but thats just because I don't have to live with you." I said hitting him in the arm, "Oh shut up, Greg. I would stop while I'm ahead." Greg said holding his, "Okay. I'll shut up." I realized that Justin hadn't said anything since we walked into the media room and I looked to my side and saw.......


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