Stuck In The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 67

:( It's a bit rushed!
And sorry if i sent this to any guys :/

There will be parts of the story, from chapters a long time ago, that i edited out.


Chapter 1

Chapter 67

by: ImBack_
---Justin's POV--
I relized i really don't want this divorce but, yet again i jack stuff up. Brooke has already gone off somewhere for some movie. Do i have any idea? no. She really doesn;t want to speak to me one bit. And Jake? He's going to be staying with Brooke's Mother. That's what the Judge said. All i need to do is sign the paper and it;s over, for good.

------8 months later----

---Brooke's POV---
8 months. 8 months i've been shooting this moive with Logan and a whole bunch of others. I have to say this is one of the best things to ever happen to me. Ever.

The premiere? Amazing!! Did the movie win any awards? A whole bunch!

I sat down on the chair in the airport as i was getting ready to back home. As i sat there Justin began to linger into my mind. Like always. I still thoguht about him a lot. He was FAR from out of my life.
I grabbed my phone and scrolled through the contacts till it came to Justin's Name.
Of course when i called it said, "This number has been Disconnected. I sighed and shoved my phone back in to my pocket.

(Now don't freak at how big of a skip this is)

-------5 years later--------

*Brooke's POV*

"Jake come on!" I said as he ran around the Toys R Us. He turned back and giggled before shaking his head.

"I want the car!" He said pointing towards the toy turck. It was shiny and painted in red and white. I giggled and shurred before picking him up in my arms and smiling.

I am now 22. Old right? Sure not 16 anymore. Jake is 5 years old now. He's grown so much! I no longer sing, but do act. It gave me a nice feeling. I do get reconizged for being a singer sometimes. Even sometimes i have some people come up to me, "Aren't you that girl that married Justin Bieber?"

Justin Bieber.

Most people are dying to know where he is. Do i know?

Nope. He was last seen a year ago. Than basiclly disappeared from the earth. I hadn;t talk to him since the divorce, which was when i was about, 17. Interesting right?
I've tried to get in touch with him for him to see Jake but, that hasn't happened. I sighed and grabbed the truck. Jake cheered and clapped his hands together. I rolled my eyes and set him down as we walked to the check out line.

He lingered, staying close by my side.
I quickly bought the toy truck before scooping Jake up in my arms. He was sure heavier than when he was 1. I sighed and walked to my car opening the door and putting him in his car seat and closed the door.

I walked around and took my seat before looking back to check on Jake.

He was clapping his hands and laughing about something. I smiled and turned the car on and headed out the parking lot and on the way back home. I live in New York again by the way.
I switched on the radio and leaned back as the music pplayed. It was an old song.
'Firework' By Katy Perry. I remember when that was new.

"That was 'Firework by Katy Perry. A really old song." The radio guy said.

"Guys, you'll never guess who was seen out side of LA yesteray...."
The man trailed off for a second as many names flooded into my head.

"Jasmine V." He siad. I giggled and shook my head. I remember Jasmine. We haven't talked in forever. Well....maybe cause the last time we spoke wasn't the most friendly thing. I can remember it like it was yesterday.


I walked into Justin's house, that was empty to get the last of my bags. He was still passed out of course. I grabbed my last bag and headed out the door. As i was walking down the steps to the side walk i heard a door close. I looked up to see Jasmine glaring at me.

"What are you looking at?" She hissed looking down at her phone.
I dropped my bag.

"Not you, trust me."

She shoved her phone into her pocket and started walking towards me.
"I'm not afraid to punch you." She snarled. Her face was inches away from mine as she glared at me.

"Do it. I would like to see you do it.......what you can't?" I gave a sarcasticly curious face, "Oh yeah cause you're pregnant with my husband's baby!"

She sucked her teeth in, "It's not my fault you weren't good in bed."

That was the end of it.
SMACK! right across the face. She stood there with her mouth hung open.

I smircked at her and said, "Close your mouth you'll catch flies."

----End of flashback----

I smiled to myself. I remember those days. I miss them. I really do.
As i pulled into my drive way my phone rang.
The number was unknown.
I clicked talk and put the phone to my ear.

"Hello?" I said turning the car engine off.
"Brooke?" A familar voice said.

"Amy?!" I said nearly shouting.
"Brooke!!" She shouted back. I felt 16 years old again.
I haven't talked to Amy since i was 19. We slowly lost touch, and she changed her number and i changed mine.

"how did you get my number?" I asked opening the door and stepping out. I walked around and opened the door for Jake. I took Jake out as he mumbled, "Who is on the phone?"

There was a gasp from Amy. "Is that Jake? wow! He must hav grown."
For somone reason i was expecting her to say, "OMG!"

"Why did you call?" I asked walking back to the house with Jake beside me.

"Why..." She trailed off.

"To who?"

She seemed to hesitate. she finally opened her mouth and spoke, "I'm getting married to J..."


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