A Day In The Life (With John!!!)

A Day In The Life (With John!!!)

Alright, so if your reading this you've probably noticed that this story is getting really long and that The Beatles have hardly gone anywhere. Well the story isnt about The Beatles, its trying to show how many faces of John there were. The romantic, the loser, the jerk, etc. Since this got so long so quickly Im going to start a new portion after John gets back from Hamburg called In My Life (With John!!!) just so you know. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

July 12 1953

"Morgan-Leigh?" My mother asked as she paraded drunkenly into my bedroom.
"Yeah mum?" I asked sitting her down on the bed in fear she'd fall over.
"Im leaving to go to California." She slurred smiling and falling back onto the pillows.
"Leaving? Am I coming with you?" I asked on the brink of tears hoping she'd say yes.
"No. Your going to live with your grandmum's friend Mimi in Liverpool." She said confusing me.
"Why cant I come with you?" I asked tears spilling over and streaking down my cheeks.
"I dont love you. This is better for both of us, your tickets on the counter and your plane leaves tomorrow at noon. Good-bye Morgan-Leigh." She said getting up and slamming the door behind her.
My dad was dead. My mum was leaving. My life was ruined. I was moving to a place in the middle of England to live with a distant family friend that Id never met. Liverpool England, my new home. Id contemplated suicide. I really had, but couldnt bring myself to leave life when this was an oppurtunity to start again. All these horrible ideas flooded my mind at once. If I die then they cant make it worse for me. If I run away then I can stay with a friend. But this is a chance to start over. My optimism caught me off guard for a labelled emo.
"What are tou talking about Morgan? You dont need to start over. This is your chance to end all the misery." I mumbled as I threw all of my possessions into a suitcase.
My life was ending and I wasnt killing myself. I was leaving home. I was leaving my only friend, Keely, and my possible career in music that Id always dreampt of. I was leaving everything. I shrugged it off and told myself that I could start over again. That I didnt have to be the school emo. I told myself over and over again that this really was going to be better but just couldnt believe it. I didnt sleep that night. I couldnt after my life had so brutally been wretched out from under my feet. Before crawling into bed that night and trying to sleep I called Keely.
"Keely. I love you." I said as soon as she picked up.
"Whats wrong Morgan?" She asked.
"Im leaving." Was all I could manage before tears leaked down my face once more.
"What do you mean, leaving?" She asked sounding choked up.
"My mum got me a plane ticket to go live with Mimi in England." I spit out between sobs.
"Morgan. Dont leave come stay with me." She begged.
"I cant, Keely. I have to go but Ill write to you and call you every day. I promise. Keely Im gonna miss you." I said wiping away my tears and pulling the blankets over my head.
"Morgan. Your my best friend and Im not gonna let you leave-" I never did hear her last words.
I hung up before it became to hard to hear her voice. Too hard to know that she was the only one that cared. I cried into my pillow all night after that. I cried until fifteen minutes before hailing the taxi to take me to my airport.

~~~~~~ Was it Chaos or Creation bringing me to Liverpool?~~~~~~

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