Journey into the Unknown

Journey into the Unknown

Kaitlyn Harper had found out her sister, Meleanie, is suffering from Cancer in the pancreas. Have you ever seen that survival rate? As Meleanie's last wish, she hopes to meet a vampire. Kaitlyn, feeling she needs to do this for her younger sister, embarks on a journey into the unknown, to find one of these dark creatures. But like always, she gets more than she bargained for.
A Story by Samantha Bellamy.

Chapter 1

Dear Diary,

I am so very frustrated right now . I am not even payed to babysit a little prat like my sister, and she doesn't even listen to me! I will say something, 'Turn off the television,' for example. She had been watching it for six hours. But she just sits there indifferent. And when I go and shut the television down myself, she starts to scream at the top of her lungs- and she's got good pipes, believe me. When hearing her screams, the manager of the hotel, Mrs. Bertha, will come up and she too will start screaming at me. And then my mother will come home and start screaming at me. It's a chain of screaming females! I just wanted the television turned off. Anyways, nothing new to talk about. We are half way through Spring Break and my life has been as dull as always. If only there was something, anything, to liven it up. My mother has just gotten home. I have to go.

~Kaitlyn Harper

"Kaitlyn! Come pick up this trash at the front door!" My mother exclaimed, dropping her purse on the floor dramatically and kicking away the first thing she saw. "I want it gone by the time I have changed out of my work uniform."

I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes, and nodded my head. "Yes mother." Deep down, I was infuriated. My mother had no respect for any of my belongings, she had just kicked my Ipod. And she knew it was my most prized possesion.

I grabbed it, along with my jacket, CD player, and sweater, walking back towards my bedroom.

"In trouble again?" Meleanie asked, and I glared at my eight year old sister, walking away before something I lived to regret would leave my mouth.

You would think I would be responsible enough to overlook this childish torment, but it had nothing to do with responsibility in the slightest bit. It was about control and power, none which I had in any way.

Of course I love my sister, it is in our genetics to do that. Though sometimes, I thought she deserved a good punch in the face.

I plugged my iPod into my dock- both which I had bought with my own money, and let songs come on a random.

I flicked through many songs but couldn't find one to settle on. I exhaled deeply.

I shut off my ipod and breathed in, trying to calm myself down and soothe the anger. I found it very odd that I was feeling how I was, I usually just brushed this stuff off.

"Kaitlyn! If you are going out tonight you must leave now!" My mom shouted upstairs, and I jumped off my bed, walking over to the mirror to give myself one last check over before I walked over to Rachel's house.

My hair was straightened, the blonde strands standing out against the dark red my hair was known to grow. And believe it or not, it was all natrual. I had brown eyes, sorrounded by eyeliner, and my face had many freckles. I wore a white shirt that was actually the opposite of tight, and a pair of skinny jeans.

I grabbed my purse and jacket, heading towards the front door.

"Mom, I'm not feeling good," my sister whined, and for the second time in the past half an hour I supressed the urge of an eye roll.

Pretending to be sick to get attention. Real smart, Meleanie, I thought sarcastically.

I walked out the door without a word behind me.

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