100 facts about me

Here are 20 unknown facts about me

Chapter 1


1. My faviorate color is purple.
2. I dont own any dresses or skirts
3. My fav pair of shoes are nikes and vans
4. I like to babysit
5. I read the whole twlight series in 1 week.
6. Im not a picky eater.
7. I love baking.
9. I love listening to music
10. I never hold grudges.
11. Im always smiling.
12. I drink starbucks.
13. My parents are divorced.
14. They both got remarried.
15. I am the oldest out of five.
16. My fav sport is baseball
17. I get along better with guys than with girls.
18. I like peanut butter.
19. My fav animal is a koala bear
20. I want to travel the world

Anything else you want to know just comment

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