My angel

I would stroll along the long-winded highway until my feet would wear out. I would forage high and low; through the woodlands; through the storm. I would inhale and exhale forever until my heart bled out. Just to see him again, just to be in his arms forever and ever.

Chapter 1

a dream?

I could see a never-ending waterfall glistening under the golden, charming sun. Beneath the cascade of water, I could spot a black abyss of darkness? Oh, a water cave. I could sight all types of flowers: peonies, roses, daisies everywhere. Every fricken square inch of land was vegetated with plants, fruits and grass. I could spot a snow-capped mountain despite the heat. I caught a glimpse of a black silhouette lurking under the shadow of a tree. I moved in closer to get a better look. And I did. It turned out to be like nothing you've ever seen before. It was unreal. An angel? Or maybe a fallen one?
I headed in the direction of the waterfall as it sprinkled my face with water. It managed to sneak inside my mouth; it tasted sweet and it tickled my taste buds. I bent down and retrieved a calm flower that had been already been pulled from the soil and slid it through my hair letting it rest on top of my ear. I still longed for one more thing: to touch the beautiful creature. I slithered through the waist-height grass, weaved in and out between the fruit-decorated trees. I stopped. My heart skipped a beat. I reached out; stretched out; struggled. Finally, my fingertips touched the tip of the white-feathered wings. It moved as I pulled my hands back instinctively. The boy, the angel, whatever he was, turned his body around to face me. His torso was naked and really pale. He had a good build and had at least six packs! I achingly averted my eyes away to look at his face. His eyes were grey and sparkly and stared at me knowingly. They shone as bright as the sun and I found myself in awe. His hair was as black as the devil's soul that covered his forehead and ears. It was straight as a stick and looked as soft as his skin almost. Just almost. My expression read: He is so hot!!! He seemed to have realised because a smile played on his mouth. Instantly, he looked rather familiar. A smile appeared on my face and turned into a rather humiliating grin. Yeah, nice going. His smile slipped away and his eyes opened wide. “what's wrong” I said. But it never came out my mouth. For some odd reason my voice wouldn't let me. Instead I felt a tight burning sensation in my throat. Oh my gosh! What's happening?! Why can't I speak? I felt a cold shiver down my spine and pulse fastened up. I couldn't move. My feet were frozen and the angel reached out to touch my face. I felt a total rush course through my body and a wind picked up. It started off light and gradually got heavier. The winged boy slowly turned his head back to mine and mouthed something along the lines of: i'll find you, I promise. I narrowed my eyes and wondered what the hell he meant by that until I suddenly got pulled by a massive mass of wind. I clawed at the air as it took me from away from the angel, from the place, from what seemed like heaven. I shut my eyes and after the noise drowned away, I flickered them open. I was back in my bedroom sitting at the foot of my my bed with my Ipod in my ears with Escape The Fate still playing. I was back at home, left with a souvenir of only a thumping heart and a white feather gripped softly in my palms.

But that was four years ago.


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