im sorry i didnt know how to tell you.....

well this is mainly for all my friends but mostly for Aura.......

Chapter 1

the reason i couldnt tell you.

I'm sitting here numb watching the tears fall. I didnt know how to tell you and i still can't find the right words. Aura i love you and i need you to understand that im dieing......i have lung cancer and the only way for me to live is to get an organ donor and have a transplant. but so far there are no donor's. if i die i want you to move on. same thing with my friends i love you all. this is hard for me to im scared i feel cold all over and im shaking. im having trouble breathing im so sorry Aura that i could'nt tell you sooner. im so sorry to all my friends that you have to find out that im dieing. im sorry.


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