Poem #1

Hey people! I'm going to start putting up my FREE-FORM poems up! Hope you like them! :3

Chapter 1

One Day

by: Dinosawr
I sit here in silence, except for my thoughts
I think about my love for you, but you don't love me back.

I scream, cry, beg, and bleed for you to be my one and only.
But somehow life just doesn't want you to want me.

I try to move on, but every minute we spend as friends,
Screams at my heart; telling it I'm NOT over you.

Every day I sit in pain,
Wanting and needing you.

One of these days, I might just find someone who loves me,

One of these days, you'll be like me;
Sitting in silent pain, realizing on what you missed out on.

One of these days you'll finally want me,
But I won't want you.

When that day comes, ask yourself this:

How does it feel now?


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