Outa money, Outa luck

this was a govenment assinment. the teacher gave us the characters names to use and gave us a small back story but thats it. i came up with what the characters r like, the story line, ect. enjoy. :)

Chapter 1

Renee's problem

Narrator- A startling string of events is about to occur in a small town in the Usa. It all started with Renee.

Renee- (pacing back and forth) What am I going to do? I can't afford to pay my rent or pay to feed my dog! He's going to die! I loved Scruffy. (phone rings) Hello?

Willie Robison- (on phone) Hi! Its Mr. Willie from your local ford dealership. I'm just calling to tell you that we have your new and improved mini van. When will you be picking it up?

Renee- Oh goodness! I'm Broke...

Willie- What?! I'll throw in a free air freshener and a bag of dog food if you will come and get this car off my lot.

Renne- That dog food would help a lot but... my catering business went out of business! Dang Scruffy had to run into the kitchen and get his dod fur all overthe food. I bet you have heard of my business! Cakes and stuff! we had the best darn cakes in this town. But anyways... right now I just can't affford anything.

Willie- Thats a darn shame. Well thanks and goodbye!

Renee- Wait!!! Mr. Willie? Can I still get that free bag of dog food? It would help alot.

Willie- I'm running a business here Renee. No car no dog food. Good day!

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