Sometimes the Bad Guy is Your Soulmate (A Draco Malfoy Love Story 9)

Muse by Darren Criss (I think)


Chapter 1

Yule Ball 2

I walked out of the portrait hole not to find only Draco but Draco with Blaise..........fighting."Ughhhh,Zabini! Get off of Draco!" I said,trying to pull Blaise off of Draco.He finally pushed himself up and turned around.He put my face in his and kissed me.I started panicking and pushed him away."You insolent little arse!" I yelled."How dare you!" yelled Draco.He started choking Blaise.I hesitantly pulled Draco off."!" blurted Draco."Let's not ruin this perfectly good day!" I yelled.Draco stood up panting."Come on Draco,let's go." I said,putting an arm around his arm."Come on.Where did you want to take me? It's almost sunset." I said."Oh well,let's hurry up!" he said.He pulled me onto his back and he started running towards a willow tree.He stepped up onto a branch and helped me climb up.When we got to the top center there was a huge space and there was enough leaves to cover us but enough space to see the sun setting."Like it?" he said,looking at me hopefully."I love it,Draco." I said.He smiled.We laid back on a thick branch and cuddled.I looked up and saw Draco looking at me."Chloe.....",he said."Yes?" I said."I--Will you go to the ball with me?" he asked."Of course." I said,smiling.I gave him a kiss.He started kissing my ear.I giggled.I then fell asleep.
Draco's POV
Chloe's breathing got even.She's sleeping,I thought to myself.I tried to say that I loved her but I couldn't bring myself to say it.I woke her up.She shifted."What?" she said."Let's go." I said."Okay." she said sleepily.I climbed down first and helped Chloe down."I'm tired." she mumbled."We'll stay for a little while then." I said,putting her down by the trunk of the tree.I held her in my arms while she kept sleeping.

After a while,it was getting dark so I carried Chloe bridal style and took her into the castle.As I was heading to the Gryffindor Tower,I realized I didn't know the password so I stopped walking to the tower and headed to my common room.
Chloe's POV
I woke up with my shoes off along with my jacket.I looked to my right and saw my jacket hanging on a coat-hanger.The bed was green,along with the curtains.I must be in the Slytherin common room.I got out of bed and rubbed my eyes."Whoa,you didn't tell me you had her in here." said Blaise with a smirk."Huh? Oh hey Chloe." said Draco.I smiled then I frowned."What's wrong,baby?" said Draco,hugging me with his nose in my hair."Today's the Yule Ball." I said."Oh well,you better get going because Dumbledore's letting everyone go get their dress robes." he said."Okay.I'll see you in the Great Hall." I said,before giving Draco a kiss."Err,I'll walk you out." he said.We walked out of the dorm and down the spiral stairs.As soon as I stepped on the common room carpet Pansy yelled,"Drakey! What is she doing here?" "Well,as you can see,I'm dating her." said Draco.Pansy sneered and turned to gossip to Daphne Greengrass.I climbed out of the portrait hole and gave Draco a quick kiss before running to the Gryffindor Tower.

I came up to the portrait panting."Balderdash." I breathed out.The portrait swung open and I went into the common room."Chloe! I was just gonna go to Hogsmeade with Harry and Ron to buy our dress robes!" said Hermione."Well I'm here." I said."Wow Chloe,you're beat.You ran here? With high heels?" said Hermione.I nodded.I went and grabbed my money bag.

Ron and Harry went with me and Hermione to the Fancy Dress Robes store.Hermione started looking for dresses while I tried to look for a dress to match Draco's green dress robes.I found a perfect dress and tried it on:

And then I put on these shoes:

I stepped out of the fitting room."Oh my goodness Chloe! You're beautiful!" said Hermione."Don't look so bad yourself Hermione." I said,smiling.She was wearing:

"Girls." muttered Ron.I stepped back into the fitting room and screwed up my face to make my side-bang green.I stepped out and Hermione smiled."Well,let's hurry up and buy our stuff.It's 5 and the ball's at 8." said Hermione.I quickly undressed and bought my dress and shoes.Then Pansy came and tried on a gray dress:

"Perfect isn't it,Daphne?" said Pansy."Yeah,but not as perfect as Draco's gray eyes." sighed Daphne.Then Draco passed by with Crabbe and Goyle."Ooh look there's Draco,Pansy! Should I ask him to the ball?" asked Daphne.Hecks nah."I wouldn't try if I were you." said Pansy.Daphne found a pretty pink dress.

"This'll do.I'll ask Draco when I see him!!!" said Daphne."Don't quit your day job Daphne." muttered Pansy."Hmph,let's go to the Three Broomsticks." I said.When we got there,I saw a sign that said NOW HIRING.I went inside and the bell on the door rang."Hey kids! Interested in working here?" asked Madam Rosmerta."Well I am." I said."Great,when's the best time to start working?" she said."I'm thinking now." I said."I'll tell Professor Dumbledore." she said.I looked at my watch.5:30."I'll need to leave in an hour." I said."Yule Ball's today." I said."I see." she said as she let the owl out the window."Here's an apron and your friends can have free drinks." she said.I gave my bags to Hermione and slipped on the apron.Madam Rosmerta showed me how to give orders quickly and some tricks.I set an alarm on my watch to 6:30 and started working.A girl from Ravenclaw asked for 2 butterbeers and 1 water so I ducked down."Can I have 3 butterbeers?" asked a familiar voice.I gave the Ravenclaw girl her order and turn around."Chloe? When did you start working here?" asked Draco."3 minutes ago." I said."Ha.3 butterbeers baby." he said.I smiled when he said 'baby'.I ducked down and got 3 mugs.I stood up and saw Draco motioning Crabbe and Goyle to sit by him.I filled the cups one by one while Draco told me about their day at the dress robes store."I tried on these black ones and I almost ripped them after tripping in them." he said,chuckling.I laughed.I turned my back for a while to fill up the mugs and turned around to see Daphne Greengrass.I set the three mugs on the table.Daphne grabbed one and Goyle looked at her as if she had insulted him."Don't worry Goyle,there's plenty to go around." I said.I filled up a mug and gave it to Goyle."Say,Draco,would you like to go to the Yule Ball with me?" asked Daphne."Sorry Daphne,I'm going with somebody else." he said."Who?" asked Daphne with curiosity and girlyness."A bloody brilliant and pretty girl." he said.I smiled to myself as I took a man's order.I poured some mulled mead and gave it to him."Oh,gotta go baby." said Draco.Daphne's face lit up,her thinking Draco said 'baby' to her."Okay,bye." I said.He leaned over the counter for a kiss.I gave him a quick kiss and started cleaning the counter.The blond-haired girl sneered."What's it between you and Draco?" she asked."Whaddya think?" I said."Hey....I saw you in the dress store." said Daphne."Now you notice." I mutter."Wait,that's not important.I'm going to get Draco whether you like it or not!" she said."Bring it." I said,showing the anger in my eyes.My hair turned dark red.She backed away and dragged Pansy out of the building.I shrugged.My watch went off beeping."Madam Rosmerta,I need to go now." I said."Oh call me Rosmerta.Okay Chloe,I got a letter from Dumbledore saying that you can come tomorrow and you can bring your friends if you like." she said."Okay." I said.I took off the apron and hung it on a hook by the butterbeer switch."Guys come on." I said as I walked out from behind the counter.We got out stuff and walked out.
We arrived at Hogwarts and we got ready for the ball.I wore the dress and I put on the shoes."You look nice,Chloe." said Hermione,fixing her bushy hair with gel."So who're you going with?" I asked."Viktor." she said."Krum?" I asked."What other Viktor do you know?" she asked."Wow Hermione,girls will be jealous of you." I said.She smiled.I grabbed my necklace and and put it on.I put on green eyeshadow and did my hair:

"You" I said to Hermione.Hermione blushed.I helped her put on some makeup.I put on blush and some red lipstick."It's 7." I said."Okay,let's go down to the common room." she said,looking in the mirror one last time."I opened the door and walked down the spiral staircase."Hey guys,manage to find some dates?" I asked Ron and Harry."Yeah.Parvati and Padma Patil." said Harry."If only you two were Fred and George." I said.Ron chuckled and used a severing charm on his lace cuffs and collars.Then Seamus came downstairs with Dean."Hey Chloe,nice dress." said Seamus."Who're you going to the ball with?" asked Dean."You'll see." I said mischievously.
When it was 7:30,we got ready to leave.I accompanied Hermione to the Entrance Hall as Harry and Ron met with their dates.Hermione walked down first.Viktor held out his hand and Hermione took it.Then I walked down.I looked around for Draco.Then Draco came and held out his arm."Shall we?" he asked."We shall." I said,linking my arm to his."You look really beautiful today,Chloe." he said."Don't I always?" I said sarcastically.He laughed and escorted me to the Great Hall.

The champions started dancing and Harry looked as if he had no idea where he was.Then the teachers joined."Let's dance." I said.Draco smiled and we walked out of the crowd.We started dancing and I swear all eyes were on us.

After that dance,the Weird Sisters came up and started a slow song.I laid my head on Draco's shoulder."Let's go get something to eat." whispered Draco."Okay." I said.We stepped off the dance floor and got some punch and cookies.Then I saw Pansy with Marcus Flint (blech) and Daphne with Blaise."Draco,can I talk to you....alone?" asked Daphne."Errr,okay." he said.I walked away but Pansy caught up to me."Listen,uhh,W--Chloe,I want to be friends.I don't care if you're dating Draco.I just want to be friends." she said.I searched her eyes for hate.Nothing."Okay." I said as I held out my hand for a handshake.She smiled and shook my hand.Then Marcus came and asked her to dance.She gave me a small wave and went off with Marcus.I smiled and set my glass on the table.I saw Draco shake his head and walk away from Daphne.He walked over to me just as a song like the first one came on.Draco held out his hand."Dance?" he asked."Sure." I said,taking his hand.

We danced,ignoring all the eyes.Then,Ron came and said,"Mind if I cut in?" Draco reluctantly gave him my hand.We started dancing and Ron was really good at dancing,though he stepped on my foot here and there."So Ronald--",I mocked him,"why did you want to dance with me?" I asked with a smirk on my face."Why the hell are you dating Malfoy?" he asked.My smirk faded."You came and ruined a perfectly good dance to ask me that?" I asked,half-yelling.We stopped dancing and I walked away from him.He followed me."Look,I'm having a lot of fun at this ball so don't ruin it for me." I said.He replied,"I'm sorry but you and Malfoy look nothing like an item." "Well,I'm sorry.Opposites attract,don't they?" I asked.Ron looked speechless."I suggest you go away." said Draco.Ron sneered and walked away."Stupid git." I muttered.Draco held my face in his hands and held it so I would look at him."Hey,let's not ruin this night and have fun.Okay?" he said,giving me a puppy-ish sort of face."Alright." I said."Okay." he said,before giving me a kiss.I smiled and ignored some gasps.Then I heard whispers as I went to sit by Harry and Parvati.I heard,"From the look of that smile,that's not the first time he's kissed her." and "You think they're faking?".I shrugged it off and sat down.
After a while,Draco and I got tired and went to take a walk.The snow was thick but not too soft for my feet to sink in and get frostbite.We sat on a bench as Draco wrapped his jacket around me."Chloe,I--",he started."You what?" I asked."Nothing,let's go in,I don't want you getting a cold." he said."Err,okay." I said.
I woke up with Draco's arm around me.I smiled and turned around.Our noses touched."Wake up Sleeping Beauty.I have work in like an hour." I said.He mumbled something and moved closer."Well then let's do this the hard way." I said reaching for my wand.I grabbed it and aimed it at his face."Aguamenti." I said.Water splashed on his face.I climbed out of bed and straightened the baggy t-shirt that I was wearing that was Draco's shirt along with the boxer shorts."Haha!" I taunted.He chuckled and went to go take a shower.

I went to my dorm and dropped my dress onto my bed while kicking off my high heels."Who's clothes are those.....?" asked Hermione,coming out of the bathroom."Draco's." I said.Hermione gave an airy laugh and dried her hair."Hey,you wanna come with me to Hogsmeade for work?" I asked."Can't.Gotta study for a quiz in charms." she said."Oh okay,I'll ask Harry and Ron." I said.I changed into:

I went downstairs and saw Ron and Harry playing wizard chess."Checkmate." said Ron."Damnit." said Harry."Oh hey Harry,wanna go to Hogsmeade with me for work?" I asked,ignoring Ron's eyes."Can't.I need to finish our potions essay." he said."Well,you better get started." I said,saying 'scourgify' and watching the chess pieces fly back into the box."You couldn't wait until I won?" asked Ron."Or lost." mumbled Harry.I laughed.Harry smirked and pushed up his glasses."I'll ask Draco then." I said.Ron squinted at the name.

I sent an owl to Draco asking him if he wanted to go to Hogsmeade with me.Almost immediately,I got an answer.He had agreed and was getting ready right now.I smiled and went outside of the common room to wait for him.He came and said,"Good morning love." I smiled and gave him a kiss."Let's go." I said.

At the Three Broomsticks,Rosmerta greeted us as Draco went to go get something.I put on the apron and served people.Even Lupin came in.Then Draco came in and put a bag on the counter."What's this?" I asked."Look." he said.I looked inside.Sugar cookies! My favorite."How'd you know it was my favorite?" I asked."It's your favorite? I never knew." he said."Hmm,what else do you know?" I asked.Draco held out handful of pink lilies."You stalker." I jokingly said."Lunch break Chloe." said Rosmerta."Alright." I said,putting the lilies in a vase by the bag of cookies."Let's go." I said.I took off the apron and hung it on the hook."Let's go to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour." said Draco."Okay." I said,holding his hand.

I ordered a cookies n' creme as Draco ordered mint chocolate chip.We got our ice cream and I ate.Draco just played with his."Draco,what's wrong? You haven't even taken a bite." I said.He hesitated and said,"I need to tell you something." "What is it?" I said,uneasily."Well.....Chloe,I actually need to ask something." he said."Well then,ask me." I said.He took my hands in his and asked,"Chloe,do you want to be my girlfriend?" "Draco......of course I will!" I said.He smiled and leaned over the table and kissed me.It wasn't just those little pecks.It was one of those 'I love you' kisses.Then he sat back down and said,"Chloe,I love you." "I love you too." I said.

TBC.Okay,this is really long.I'd say my longest one.Well,surprise surprise and please comment and rate.


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