Prince Of The Fire Nation —— And Possibly My Heart (A Zuko Love Story)

Since I find Zuko, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, extremely amazing and just the definition of an inspirational person (;u;), I decided to write a love story with him! ^^

I hope you enjoy[ed] this story! I think it's probably one of my best.

As of 7/5/12, I have edited and tweaked the story to my liking. :)

Chapter 16

Fire Lord Ozai

by: vixybear
"Wake up, now, my darling," a man's voice said, and I slowly opened my eyes. A Fire Nation soldier stood in front of me, and I sat up, rubbing my head. I felt a little sore spot on my head, and I winced. "Come on, blondie, the Fire Lord wants to see you!" he pushed me up, gripping my arm, and chaining my hands together in front of me. I hissed as he dragged me to where the Fire Lord awaited my presence.


"Fire Lord Ozai," the guard bowed, "I have brought the prisoner you requested." Ozai looked a bit like his son. Long, black hair, and menacing amber eyes. He wore a long, black unform with shoulder spikes. He also had his hair in a top-knot, with a gold, five-pronged piece tucked in. He stood up and approached us. Ozai waved his hand in dismissal, then added to bring Zuko in. What had happened to Zuko? The Fire Lord turned his attention to me.

"So... you are the famous Arabelle Zuko told me about?" he asked himself, looking over my body. This guy is disgusting. He grabbed the chains around my hands and pulled me towards him, looking into my eyes. I looked away from him, not wanting to face this monster. "You dare look away from me?! Look at me!" he commanded, and gripped my chin, forcing me to look at him.

"Father —" Zuko's voice interrupted. I looked at him, waiting for him to rescue me, but something about him was different. He wore a uniform somewhat like his father, but wore a two pronged, flame-styled piece instead of three.

"Ah, Zuko. I was beginning to worry when you'd show up," his father said kindly, and let go of my chin, then holding onto my arm. "You remember Arabelle, don't you?" he pushed me forward, and I spat on his face. Ozai growled.

"Yes, my Lord, I do." What the hell is wrong with Zuko?! Why isn't he trying to rescue me?! Because maybe all he ever wanted was his honor, a voice said. The question the Fire Lord asked next was disturbing.

"Would you mind if I kissed her, Zuko?" Ozai questioned. Zuko swallowed.

"If it is your wish," he simply replied. I bristled and felt Ozai's lips on mine. I tried pushing him away, but it didn't work. His tongue slithered into my mouth. I gagged as he pulled away a few seconds later. "I must say, Arabelle, you have quite beautiful lips," he said, grinning. I narrowed my eyes at him and glanced at Zuko, who looked like he couldn't watch anymore. "Zuko, my son, would you please excuse us for the night? I need to have a little 'fun' with her in my bedroom," he requested, smirking at his son. Zuko, nodded, bowing, and walked out of the throne room quickly. Ozai dragged me to his bedroom and tossed me onto the bed. He unchained my hands, and instead held them down with one hand. Ozai slid down my skirt, then my underwear. I knew what was going to happen.


"Arabelle! Get your ass over here!" Ozai yelled, and I hurried over to him.
"Zuko, I believe you know what to do," the Fire Lord nodded a curt nod to his son, slapped my butt and pushed me towards Zuko. I had run into Zuko's chest, and Zuko held hold of my arm. I didn't know whether or not to fight back, or let him take me. I went with the second option, knowing it was the best. Zuko pulled me toward his bedroom, and as soon as the door was closed, he locked the door. He began walking in my direction, and I backed away slowly, and my legs hit the bottom of the bed. I crawled on my butt on the bed, and felt my head hit the wall. Zuko only sat on the edge of the bed, looking at the ground depressinly.

"Ara —" he looked at me.

"Don't talk to me!" I snapped, and closed my eyes, letting the tears fall.

"Arabelle, I'm sorry. I didn't know he was going to —"

"Oh, you didn't know?!" I snarled, "You could've stopped it anyway!"

"I am so so sorry what he did to you."

"No, you're not."

"Yes, I am, Belle."

"You're going to end up ra|>ing me too, aren't you? I knew you never loved me!" I cried more.

"No, you have it all wrong! I have always loved you."

"No, Zuko, you have it all wrong. You have never loved me because all you ever will care about it 'regaining your honor'! You never cared about anyone but yourself! You selfish little bastard!" I hit him as he crawled towards me, and then he pinned me to the wall.

"I love you so much that I won't do what he did to you," he said quietly, and my expression softened.


"Do you want me to ra|>e you then, Arabelle?" he gazed longingly into my eyes. His golden orbs shined with need and anger.

"You just crossed the line, Zuko," I kicked him, and pushed him off me. I got off the bed as quickly as I could and ran to the door, but Zuko grabbed me.

"Arabelle! Damn it!" he threw me against my wall and punched my wall, some crumbs falling to the ground. My heart raced, scared. Zuko was about to lean in until a yell sounded.

"Prince Zuko, I hope you are having a good time with her!" Ozai's distance yowl made me want to puke. "She deserves it!" and I heard his footsteps fade away.

"He told you to have sex with me?!" I whisper yelled. Zuko eyes glowed with his answer. "I hate you, Zuko! I don't want to ever see you again!" I kicked him with as much force I had and ran to his bed, falling face first.
Ok... so... this chapter was a bit 'dirty', but it could've been dirtier! I had to add a little twist to the story. Oh, the suspense! -faints-

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