Prince Of The Fire Nation —— And Possibly My Heart (A Zuko Love Story)

Since I find Zuko, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, extremely amazing and just the definition of an inspirational person (;u;), I decided to write a love story with him! ^^

I hope you enjoy[ed] this story! I think it's probably one of my best.

As of 7/5/12, I have edited and tweaked the story to my liking. :)

Chapter 17

The Angel

by: vixybear
I had lost the baby.

Ozai's baby to be more specific.

Of course, Zuko's father was displeased with me, so he threw me in a cell. A cold, dirty, cell. My hands were chained above my head, and there was nothing I could but sit on the ground, staring into space. I heard the door open to the cells, and I stiffened. I hoped it wasn't Ozai. Luckily, it wasn't. But it was Zuko. He approached my cell, his hands clinging to the bars. I looked away from him, not wanting to see him.

"Arabelle," he called for me to answer him. I did nothing. His next move suprised me. He stuck a key in the lock, and opened the cell door. I wanted to disappear in thin air, to not ever talk to him again, but I couldn't. I had to face him. I had to be brave. "Arabelle..." he whispered, his face only inches from mine. "I am so sorry. You know I love you, Ara, but you just won't let yourself know it. What do I need to do to prove my love for you?" he pressed his hand against my cheek. I narrowed my eyes at him, then opened my mouth.

"Get me out of here," I snarled, and he winced at my words. He swallowed and unchained me, and I rubbed my wrists.

"We need to hurry though, my father will be here any minute," he dragged me behind him, acting like he hadn't heard my harsh words. I have to admit though, Zuko was being sweet for rescuing me — Knock it off, Arabelle! He let you get ra|>ed by his father! Don't fall for any of his tricks! Just let him rescue you and leave him! a voice argued with me. I nodded, understanding what the voice was saying. But my heart was telling me I was in love with him... I needed to trust my heart, whatever it was telling me to do.


"In here," Zuko pointed inside a small cottage house, and I ran inside, and watched Zuko lock the door behind him. "... I just can't believe he got you pregnant..." he muttered, leaning against the wall like he couldn't it.

"Zuko..." I spoke his name, and licked my chapped lips. "I... I want to thank you. Thank you for saving me, from your father, and saving me from myself," I whispered as I walked over to him, and his amber eyes glowed with happiness. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and his hands rested on either side of my hips. We swayed to the slight breeze the wind brought, and I could tell Zuko was happy. Then, slowly, I began to lean towards him. He hesitated before leaning in also, and softly, our lips touched. The kiss started out slow and passionate, until a gust of wind made me jump, and Zuko laughed quietly.

"Oh shut up and kiss me," I said playfully, and he gladly kissed me. Suddenly, it began to rain and some of it leaked through the roof. Zuko growled as a big droplet landed on his head. I giggled and ran away from him, when lightning was suddenly blasted at us. It was Azula.


"You want lightning? I'll show you lightning!" Azula yelled at her brother, and I stood there, watching them fight each other in a duel — an Agni Kai. Suddenly, the blue fire shot from her fingertips, and it raced towards me. Zuko jumped in front of it, sliding to the ground.
"Zuko! Zuko —" I rushed over to him, but Azula blocked my way with her uncontrollable blue fire. I jumped over, bending water at her. She dodged, and did a backflip, sending fire flying from her foot. I barely dodged, and lured her near a water canal. She stood directly over it, and within a matter of seconds, she was frozen -- rock solid. I hurried back over to Zuko, who hadn't moved since he was attacked. I leaned over him, tears rolling down my cheeks, then dripping onto Zuko. I turned him over, and his eyes were closed. Please... tell me he is alive... I sniffed and shook him lightly.

"Zuko... Zuko..." I said quietly, my voice breaking. I began to sob, and I rested my head on his chest, the tears clouding my vision. Azula's distant screams ruined the moment.

"Hush, young child," an angelic whisper made me look up. There, in front of me, was a beautiful lady. She was dressed in a silk white dress, had brown hair, and green eyes. Her eyes sparkled with sadness. "It's his time."

"No... no, it's not! Zuko can't leave me —"

"I'm afraid he has gone, young one." My heart stopped, and I drew in a shaky breath, releasing all of the tears. The tears of happiness, sadness, anger, and heart-break. The boy who I had fallen in love with — Prince Zuko — was dead. He was killed right before my eyes. And I did nothing to help him.

"Arabelle..." Zuko's quiet voice made me snap my head back in the direction of the angel. "Arabelle..." It was Zuko. Except, you could see through him, like he was... a ghost. His eyes were now a pale orange, and his skin looked even more flawless, and it glowed. "You have to move on, Ara. My death is only the beginning of your life," he whispered, placing his cold, lifeless hand on my cheek, wiping away tears,

"I'll always be with you. I love you Arabelle, but you have to let me go. You're going to grow old, have kids, and live a long happy life."

"But Zuko... I want my life to be with you!" I said, "I want to be with you!"

"I know you do, but you can't. You have to stay here. You get to still walk the earth, smell the flowers, and feel the rain on your skin. I...." he looked at the angel, "belong in the clouds," Zuko kissed my lips, and his lips lingered on mine, before he pulled away. I opened my eyes, expecting to see Zuko, but they had disappeared. I wiped away my tears, and sniffled, closing my eyes.
I love you Zuko. I'll always love you, and when a die from my long, happy life, we'll be together once more, holding hands above the ground.
Sorry it's sad..!

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