Prince Of The Fire Nation —— And Possibly My Heart (A Zuko Love Story)

Since I find Zuko, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, extremely amazing and just the definition of an inspirational person (;u;), I decided to write a love story with him! ^^

I hope you enjoy[ed] this story! I think it's probably one of my best.

As of 7/5/12, I have edited and tweaked the story to my liking. :)

Chapter 2

"I blame myself for it."

by: vixybear
Bam! Bam! Bam! The Air Temple shook. I sat up, my heart pounding.

"Aang! What's going on?" I heard Katara yell. I stood up, stumbling. I looked around, scanning the area. Zuko was helping Sokka load things onto Appa. Katara was helping Aang with packing bags and loading everything. I heard rocks crumble above me, and I looked up to see rocks falling towards me. I knew if I moved now it'd be too late.

"Look out!" I heard Zuko yell. I was pushed out of the way, and I felt another body on me. I saw Zuko's clothes.

"Thanks Zuko, but we need to keep moving!" I said, and waterbended a rock that was about to fall on us. It shattered, small pieces of the rock falling on us, then bouncing off. Zuko got off me, and I quickly ran towards Appa; Aang airbended and closed the blind thingies so the bombs would stop hitting us. Toph created a tunnel in the wall, and everyone else was ready to go inside.

"C'mon Appa!" Aang pulled on Appa's reins. "Well, we're not going to get him in there. He hates being in tunnels."

"But if he doesn't go in there, there'll be no more Appa."

"I'll go with Sokka, Suki, and Katara. You," she pointed at me," Zuko, Aang and Appa will fly out of here. We'll meet at Makapu Village." I nodded, and followed Zuko onto Appa. I was practically sitting on Zuko's lap since there wasn't any room due to all of the packs and bags. Zuko couldnt' stop laughing due to my uneasiness of being so close to him.

"Oh shut up Zuko," I snapped, elbowing him in the side. Appa dodged a bomb, and I flew backwards off Appa.

"Arabelle!" The amber-eyed firebender grabbed my hand and I was freaking out. What if Zuko let go of my hand? What if my hand slipped?! Then, my fear came true. It slipped. But I wasn't falling alone.

Zuko was too. He grabbed onto me, lifting my body over his. I felt his body hit something, but it wasn't the ground. We had landed on a Fire Nation airship. Zuko groaned in pain as I got off him.

"Zuko! Are you okay?" I asked, shaking him. He sat up slowly, clutching his side.

"Oh, we meet again Zu-zu," a voice chuckled. I looked behind Zuko to see a girl that looked somewhat like him. "Oooh, who's this Zuko? Oh, don't tell me you dumped Mai for her. Think of how Mai would feel..." the girl teased. "By the look on your face, pretty girl, you don't have any idea who I am."

"No, I don't."

"Can't you see the resemblance?" she asked. I did see a small resemblance. "You may have the looks, but you have no brain. I am Zuko's sister, Princess Azula, and rightful heir to the throne."

"You and I both know Zuko deserves it more than you do! Judging from what Zuko told me about you, you only seek power and glory. And it seems like he wasn't lying," I glared. Zuko stood next to me, not saying anything.

"Of course. Typical boyfriend-girlfriend thing."

"For your information, I'm not Zuko's girlfriend. Even if I was, I'm sure he and I would make a better couple than you and Chan," I said.

"How dare you speak to me like that!" she snarled, and firebended — but her fire wasn't orange or red. It was blue.

"Her fire... it's blue. My uncle told me she's so advanced in firebending, her fire turned blue. She's so ferocious and dangerous... she's unbeatable. Only my uncle and Fire Lord are known to be more powerful than her... If I ever met her in battle, she'd kill me. And she can shoot lightning from her fingertips. The only way to defend yourself against it is to redirect it." Zuko showed me how to redirect lightning.

"You can't let her get to you like that! She knows she can beat you, and she uses it against you."

"There's something I haven't told you."


"She knows my weakness."

"What is it?"

"Love, and honor."

I dodged Azula's attack, and created an ice shield around Zuko and I.

"Zuko, you shouldn't try and fight. You're weak."

"But I have to try, Arabelle."

"Don't. Like you said, she could kill you. Just let me handle her. I think I know a way to get your sister," I commanded and ran head on towards my opponent. Her lips curled into a grin, and she pointed two of her fingers at me. I knew she was going to use her lightning against me, but I knew how to redirect it.

"Hmm... why should I waist my time against Zu-zu's new girlfriend?" she thought to herself, and I stopped running, leaped into the air, and bended water at her, a giant wave crashing against her fire. "Farewell, Zu-zu," she teased, and turned to me.

"You are brave, and strong, and pretty, no wonder Zuko has a 'thing' for you," she winked at Zuko, and did a backwards back flip, and disappeared behind the airship. I dashed back to Zuko, and I wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"Arabelle! Zuko! You guys okay? Sorry we're a bit late, we had some business to take care of," Katara yelled. Appa floated next to us. I nodded, and walked over to them, and they lifted Zuko onto Appa. It was my turn, and Zuko leaned back slightly, hissing in pain every now and then.

"Are you okay?" I asked, looking into his eyes. He clenched his teeth together.

"I think my ribs are broken," he replied, exhaling.

"Here, lift your shirt," I told him, and he looked at me like I was crazy. "Zuko, you know I'm not like that. I can make you feel better." He slowly lifted his shirt, and near his ribs I saw that it was bruised a light purple. I took some water from my water skin, and pressed my hands on Zuko's ribs. He stiffened, inhaling. My hands glowed a light silver color as usual, and he sighed in relief. "Does that make you feel better, Zu-zu?" I smiled. He narrowed his eyes, wrapping his arms around his stomach.

"Very funny."

"I'm only kidding. Anyway, you should be healed in about 6 to 8 weeks."

"6 to 8 weeks?! Sozin's Comet will be here in a month! I still have a lot of firebending to teach Aang!" he protested, sitting up. I pushed him back down.

"Or, maybe if you're lucky, with my healing, maybe 5 weeks. You just have to be patient, and careful," I said, closing my water skin. "Which, you clearly don't have either of."

"I do too have patience!"

"No you don't."

"Fine..." he kept muttering to himself, and I moved next to Katara.

"So what's wrong with Zuko?" she asked, looking at me."

"I think one of his ribs are broken," I replied, still unsure.

"Oh. I'm guessing it'll be healed in about 5 or 6 weeks."

"That's what I told him. But of course the hot-headed idiot doesn't believe me."

"I heard that!" he yelled. I giggled and continued a conversation with Katara.

~Sometime later (in weeks)~

"I'm kinda sad that Zuko's ribs are healed. Now, he's back to being the arrogant and impatient teenager we all know," Sokka informed us, while his mouth was full of saber-tooth moose-lion meat. Zuko said nothing, and only sipped his tea, obviously covering up his anger.

"Zuko," I whispered in his ear, "I want to talk you. Follow me," I spoke softly, my lips gently brushing his hair as I pulled away. I made sure the amulet Katara gave me was in my pocket as I walked to the certain spot I went to when I was upset — or I just wanted to be alone. I sat down on a rock, and Zuko sat next to me.

"Zuko..." I breathed, "Do you like your scar?"

"My scar?" he asked quietly. "...No..."

"I can get rid of it."

"Arabelle..." I pulled out the amulet and showed it to him.

"Zuko, do you want your scar gone? Forever?" I asked him, his amber eyes glowed, and the stars sparkled behind him. I knew he wanted it gone.

"But first, do you know why I have it?" he whispered, his minty breath blowing on my face. I shook my head slowly. He sighed, and looked up. "It's not a day I like to remember. I spoke out of turn at a Fire Nation war meeting upon hearing of a general's plan to sacrifice an entire division composed of young recruits in battle and by doing so was forced by my father to participate in an Agni Kai. At first I thought I would duel against the general I disrespected, but it turned out to be my father, Fire Lord Ozai. Not wanting to fight him I surrendered. My father called me a coward for doing so and burned my face thus giving me the scar." I pitied him.

"Oh Zuko... that's... terrible..." I said in a low voice.

"I didn't know what I was doing. I blame myself for it."

"It's not your fault Zuko. It's your father's."

"But I don't believe it. Only if I didn't say anything..."

"Zuko... it's not your fault."

"Everyday I look in the mirror. You know what I see? I see a helpless, confused, sad little boy with an ugly scar over his eye!" he said angrily, looking away from me.

"But do you know what I see?" I whispered, his head looking in my direction. "I see a handsome, protective, caring young man, Zuko." His eyes sparkled, and I slowly reached out and put my hand over his scar. He closed his eyes, breathing softly. I ran my hand over it slowly, tracing its outline all the way over by his ear. He shuddered slightly and I leaned forward, placing a small kiss below his eye, my lips feeling his scar.

"I think your scar makes you look like a tough guy," I whispered, giggling also. His lips curled into a smile and I went back into my own space. "I want you to keep your scar, Zuko. It adds some more personality to you." His eyes flashed open, and we stared at each other before his eyes began to flicker from my lips to my eyes. I knew if he kissed — if we kissed — everything would be even more complicated than things already were.

And I don't need anymore stress now — I already have homework teaching the Avatar waterbending with Katara. I don't need a boyfriend. But maybe later... like after the war. I stood up quickly, trying to push away my thoughts. Zuko stood up slowly, his face flushing a slight pink.
"So, Zuko. The question is: do you want your scar?" I asked, still holding the amulet out. He hesitated, before answering.
"No," he stated. I nodded and opened the top of the amulet, lifting the lid off. I knew if I got rid of his scar, I'd feel no more pity, nothing towards him anywhere. He'd just be another boy in my life. But if he kept his scar...

He'd be the boy that I'm falling in love with, and he's made so many mistakes and now he needs support — and love... from me.

In the end, I didn't heal Zuko's scar. He wanted me to, but I didn't do it. I just couldn't.
Haha, I love the comments you guys a posting. :) They make my heart smile. Lol, many people are saying 'I'm officially an Avatar fan now!' My persuasion works its magic. xD Anyway, I love all you guys. I'll probably put off my Draco Malfoy love story for a while, ya know, my interests keep changing. I hope you guys like my story so far, I think it's going well. QQ: When should Zuko & Arabelle have their first kiss? After the war, soon, when Zuko gets hurt, etc. Comment on what you think should happen! Comment, rate & favorite please! This story needs to be in the all-time popular section ASAP so more Avatar fans can enjoy this! :D I love you all. You make my day, my beautiful lady-fans! :PPPP

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