Prince Of The Fire Nation —— And Possibly My Heart (A Zuko Love Story)

Since I find Zuko, from Avatar: The Last Airbender, extremely amazing and just the definition of an inspirational person (;u;), I decided to write a love story with him! ^^

I hope you enjoy[ed] this story! I think it's probably one of my best.

As of 7/5/12, I have edited and tweaked the story to my liking. :)

Chapter 3


by: vixybear
Aida meowed, pawing at my leg.
"Aida!" she flinched, but continued pawing at my leg. "Go bother Zuko." She already knew who he was, since they were enemies. The puma has grown a lot in the past month; she was already up to my knee, and now she's a match against Zuko.
"Zuko!" I called him, stirring the soup in the big black pot Katara and I used all the time for dinner.

"Ugh... what?" he groaned, walking over to me, rubbing a towel on his hair. He wasn't waring a shirt, just red swim trunks.

"Will you take Aida out? She won't leave me alone."

"In case you haven't noticed, I'm kinda busy," he replied. I rolled my eyes and watched as steam rose from the pot. "But you can take her out, if you want."

"I'm busy, you are just sitting in water letting it 'soak into your pores'," I imitated his voice. Katara giggled.

"Fine. I'll walk her if you come too." I sighed as I stood up, wiping my hands off. "Can you take care of the rest of the food, Katara? Obviously, Zuko isn't a big boy so he needs adult supervision," I grinned, flickering my eyes in Zuko's direction.

"If anything, I'm supervising you."

"C'mon hot-head." I grabbed his wrist, pulling him with me. Aida followed us, her tail sticking up in the air proudly.


"Have you not heard what Aang's been saying about us?" I said to Zuko.

"Heard what?" he asked.

"You are so clueless."

"I am not clueless! I am just not always aware of the things around me," he said, in a smart-alec tone.

"That's what clueless is, dumbutt," I chuckled and quietly bended the water from my water skin. "Thirsty?" I asked casually, turning around, showing him the water that was floating in front of me.

"Sure," he opened his mouth. I smiled as I splashed the water all over his face. I sprinted off, laughing my butt off. Zuko was right behind me. "You so asked for it!" he called, and he wrapped his arms my waist, lifting me off the ground.

"Zuko! Put me down!" I commanded, hitting his head, gently.

"You did ask for it," and he continued walking towards a nearby stream. Aida was meowing, and biting Zuko's boot.

"Zuko!" I clung onto him as he was about to throw me. "I swear to God if you throw me in..." But he didn't throw me in. He jumped in. I went under the water and resurfaced to see a laughing and hardly-breathing Zuko. I splashed water at him and ran out of the water, only to be pulled back in. Zuko began tickling me, and I couldn't stop laughing.
"Ara..." I heard someone call. Zu-Zu stopped tickling me and I saw a woman that looked exactly like my mother.
Tears formed in my eyes, "....Mom...."
I apologize for the shortness. I just had to have a cliffhanger. xD I know, I'm mean. Yet you still love me. Anyway, comment, rate & favorite! Love you all!

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