i'll stay forever with you

i'll stay forever with you

I know its really short , but i want to know if anyone will read it before i post more.

Chapter 1

green roses

by: Carter_6
The sun slowly past down out of my sight line as I walked through the gate way of the old cemetery. The sky a deep blue was alit at the bottom by light blue as night was soon to come.
Sighing I continued passed the dying roses laying at the feet on headstones and the many praises of the ones who had passed away. I passed the statue of the archangel ‘watching of us from above’. Its funny though I never believed in things like that before, but now I know its desperation to keep them with you.
I came to a stop at a grave that seemed out lined by the ivy that covered the sides. I knelled in front of in reading the words that I knew off by heart as tears slowly flooded my eyes.
I would never admit to other people my pain, they wouldn’t understand. ‘I knew almost all the people buried here; after all it was named after my family. ‘The St.Claire cemetery’ it suits I guess after all it is mostly my ancestors, family, and friends buried here.
Putting the green rose on they top of the grave I said “well Ausline I hope you rest in peace, I still don’t truly under stand why you jumped, but I love you now and forever.”
“ I stood up quickly and walked out of the cemetery ,I had to make it out of here before…” Heyyyy Evelyn Wait up!!” I winced and turned around.

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