U Smile-Justin Bieber Love Story-Part 27

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Chapter 1

Can't Regret It, Can't Forget It Even If It Only Lasted A Day

Justin walked out of the room and out of my life as I sat there crying into Mason's shoulder who had pulled me on to his lap and wrapped his arms around me. Mason whispered gently patting the top of my head, "Shhh...it's okay, Cheyenne. Please stop crying. I don't like seeing you cry." I slowly but surely stopped crying and I said pulling my face away from Mason's now wet red flannel shirt, "Thanks Mason." Mason asked using his sleeve to wipe my tears away, "Why are you thanking me?" I said as he used his thumb to catch a stray tear, "I'm thanking you because you let cry and ruin your shirt." Mason said smiling a little, "Your welcome. Even though I'm the reason why your boyfriend just broke up with you." I said smiling along with him, "It's okay. He just overreacted. Don't blame yourself just because you are a sexy stud." Mason said laughing now, "Yeah. I am one sexy stud though I never thought I would hear you say that." I asked laughing with him, "Why did you think that?" Mason said looking into my chocolate brown eyes, "Because you are my little sisters best friend and I didn't think that you even noticed me." I asked looking into his dark chocolate colored eyes, "Why wouldn't I notice you?" Mason said blushing a little, "For one I'm 16 and you are only 14 years old. And you never seemed to like me unlike recently." I said looking at the floor, "Yeah. I always liked you. I didn't realize that I made it seem like I hated you because I don't. I've actually had a crush on you since I was 10 years old." I started to remember what just happened with Justin so I thought that I better just stop talking about how I felt about Mason because a part of me still really loved Justin. I said getting off his lap, "We better go find your brother and sister before they get into trouble." Mason said as he got off his bean bag chair, "Yeah. I swear I should be the oldest not Greg because he and Avalon like to get into trouble when they're together."

-A Couple Minutes Later-

We found Avalon and Greg in my game room which had arcade games and every video game system ever invented. I said as Mason and I entered the room, "Nice to see that you two found my game room on your own." Avalon said as she was playing ping pong with Greg, "I never forgot where it was. May o remind you that we were once best friends and I spent a lot of time around here?" I said forcing a laugh because I still felt bad about the whole Justin thing, "Yeah. I forgot about that." Avalon must have saw something in my facial expression that made her ask, "What happened?" I said, "To make a log story short, Justin and I broke up. And he never wants to see or talk to me ever again." Avalon said forgetting about the ping pong going on between her and Greg, "I'm sorry, Chey." I asked as she pulled me into a hug, "Why are you saying sorry?" Avalon said as she glared as Mason, "Because my idiot of a brother is the reason you and Justin broke up." I asked the hug came to an end, "How did you know that?" Avalon said waking over to Mason and hitting him in the back of the head, "I know that because Greg and I were listening in on the fight from behind the door." I said smiling as she hit him, "You and Greg are sneaky little sh^ts." Avalon said laughing, "Of course, we are."

-After Avalon, Mason and Greg Leave-

I went up to my room which took up a whole story of the house which was the top story. I opened my door and the first thing that I saw was the teddy bear that Justin had won for me at the state fair. I got angry at the sight of it and ran over to it and grabbed it and threw it in the direction of my closet. Then I started ripping down all the pictures of Justin and threw them in the closet with the teddy bear. After making sure that my room had no more Justin related things, I went to sit on my bed and in the doorway I saw........


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