Sometimes the Bad Guy is Your Soulmate (A Draco Malfoy Love Story 10)

Dress and Tie by Charlene Kaye feat. Darren Criss


Chapter 1

Happiness never held on to me until you helped me see,that together,we're just better off.

We continued eating our ice cream."Draco,you know that I'm a metamorphmagus,right?" I said,after a while."You are?" he said,looking up."Yes.And probably an unregistered animagus but who knows?" I said,smiling.Draco smiled.Then my watch beeped."Oh,gotta go Mr.Fortescue!" I yelled."Alright,I'll clean up,you kids can go!" he yelled from the back room.Draco put 3 galleons on the table and held the door open for me."Thank you." I said as I walked out."You're welcome.Come on now,Madam Rosmerta will have my head for keeping you here." he said."I'm sure she will." I said."Race you." he said."Alright." I said."Ready,set,go!" he yelled.I started running as fast as I could.

The bell on the door rang."I beat you!" I yelled at Draco who was a few feet behind me."Whatever." he said."Chloe,the other day,a girl from your school volunteered to work here to so I suggested that you work here together." said Rosmerta."Oh okay.Who?" I asked."Daphne Greengrass." she said."Greengrass.......Daphne?" I said.Oh hells no."Daphne! Come here and meet your new co-worker!" yelled Rosmerta."Yes,Rosmerta!" she yelled back.How could she let Daphne call her by Rosmerta? Daphne walked out with her hair curly and stuff.She had on makeup.I only had liquid eyeliner and lip gloss.Yay,it's America's Next Top Model working in the Three Broomsticks."Chloe,can I get a milkshake......",said Draco,letting the end of the sentence trail off."I know." I muttered."Oh sure Draco." said Daphne,already starting to make a milkshake.Draco hesitantly took it and drank some of it."Err,sorry,I like Chloe's milkshakes better." he said with face that look like he just walked in on his father and mother."Alright.Scourgify." I said,clearing the cup."Strawberry,vanilla,or chocolate?" I asked."Err,chocolate." he said.I started to make a chocolate milkshake but instead put whipped cream on top sprinkled with chocolate sprinkles and a cherry.Complete with a striped bendy straw."Made with love." I said as I gave it to him.He smiled."You're so cheesy." he said as I took a man's order."Easy for you to say." I said.I poured the mulled mead.Then Blaise walked in with a bag."Here you go,Daphne." said Blaise as he plopped the bag on the counter."Oatmeal cookies? Why couldn't I get sugar cookies?" she asked."Some dude bought the last ones." he said.Draco gave me a sheepish smile.I smiled and continued working."Break time." said Rosmerta."Okay.I'm going to Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop.Want anything?" I asked."Get some sugar cookies for me." said Daphne."Anything for you Queen of England." I muttered."I'll go with you." said Draco."Anything for you Rosmerta?" I asked."Oh some tea will be fine.Tell Madam Puddifoot I said hello." she said."Alright." I said,getting my purse.

As Draco and I walked to the tea shop,I realized that I had forgotten my money bag."Use the summoning charm." said Draco."You are the best,Draco.Accio money bag." I said,with my wand in my hand."I know I am." he said.The money bag flew into my hand.I put it in my purse.When we got there,Madam Puddifoot was in the back room."Madam Puddifoot?" I yelled."Oh Chloe,hello there! My,how much you have grown.How's your mother?" she asked,walking out of the back room."My mother's fine,thank you." I said smiling."Well,who is this?" said Madam Puddifoot,looking at Draco."Well,Madam Puddifoot,this here's Draco Malfoy,my boyfriend." I said."Malfoy you say?" she said."Well,Madam Puddifoot,can we have 1 tea,2 coffees,and some of your sugar cookies?" I asked,trying to avoid the criticism she would give me.A few minutes later,she came back with our order."Thank you." I said as I set the money on the counter."You're welcome dear." she said.As I walked out,I yelled,"Madam Rosmerta sends her love!" Before Madam Puddifoot could say anything else,we were out the door.



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