The Grace Campaign

The Grace Campaign

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Chapter 1

The Dear Grace Project

For those of you who don't already know...

There is a girl named Grace, and she is a beautiful and wonderful person. She has an account on here, and her username is grace_v. She is absolutely amazing and deserves every compliment & gift we give her.

This is called the Grace Campaign. I started this because Grace needs help. She suffers from Anorexia. Here is the list of story updates her sister, Lori, created to update us, The Grace Campaign, of her condition:

And there you go!

Because Grace is so important to all of us, we will start something called The Dear Grace Project. I will create a group story and whoever receives the invitation will write a letter. When it returns, write another letter. All the letters will go to Grace and we will try to convince her. At the end of each letter, we will post a list. This is the list:

Jacqueline :P

Which is only my name. That is because everyone else hasn't added there's yet. When it is passed to you, you will not only write but post this list. You will add your name to the list. If your name is already on the list because someone else had your name too, write it again but add some sort of sign or smiley. If it is added because you already added it yourself, you will put a star next to it.

We all love Grace, right? Join the Grace Campaign, then. In the comments, say clearly and specifically that you want to join the Grace Campaign. I will add you to a list where the group story will be created to pass along the chain of letters for Grace.

We need to tell Grace we love her and need her. We need to tell her she is an amazing person and matters to us.

We need to tell Grace she matters.

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