The Ship

Megan's now a part of a new reality series called The ship. It takes part on a party cruise ship.
This series will have love, lust, and a little bit of drama. So make sure you come back for more.

Chapter 1


There's 1 place, any 20 year old would just die to go. Someplace, where your biggest worry was that you didn't party long enough. I just so happened to win, 1 of the 8 spots at this place.
The place that I'm talking about, is The Ship. Its a cruise boat, that only allows people who are 20-25 years old. It has more then 1000 cabins on the ship, each with 2 beds, mine with 8. The suite.
See, the thing is, the only way I won a place on this ship, was because I auditioned for a show. A reality show. A show, all about this party boat, so like the boat, it was called 'The Ship".
For the summer, The Ship is going to film me, and 7 other people on this ship. They're hoping for romance, fights, and steamy scenes. But who knows what will happen.
They casted 4 girls, and 4 guys. I have no idea who they are. That's why I was on my way to find out.
I've been driving for about 4 hours now, and I was pulling up to the ship. It was massive, bigger then I imagined. I walked up to the bridge, that was attached to the concrete port. I showed the guard my passport and ticket, and he allowed me on. When I walked on, a big man asked to take my bags to my room. I was suspicious, so I said no.
"Okay 'mam." He said with a nod.
"Wait, um. Can you tell me where room 1100 is?"
"Ah, your going to be in that new reality show, huh?" I nodded, "Its on the top floor. Above where the pool and Aqua Bar is." I nodded, pretending to know where that is. Before I could walk any further, a squeal came from the bridge and a petite blonde made her way through the crowd of people. She wore to big of sunglasses on her rounded face, and her hair was blown in all directions,
"Party!" She screamed. "WHERE'S ROOM 1100?" She yelled, I laughed and walked towards her,
"You're on the show too?" She looked up at me, and gave a wide smile,
"Oh my god! Are you?" I nodded and she hugged me. She was really.. friendly. "Well where the hell is this place?" She asked. We went through all of the security, and waited for an elevator.
"On the very top. Above the Aqua bar." I shrugged.
"Where the he'll is that?" I laughed, and we got onto the elevator. We looked at all the buttons, and clicked "Floor 8." It was the highest floor, so hopefully, that would lead us to our room. It turned out that Floor 8 was exactly where the Aqua Bar was, and the pool, and behind the bar, there was a spiral staircase, guarded by a guard.
"Um, hey. Is this to room 1100?" He nodded,
"Can I see your tickets please, ladies?" He asked. We showed him them and he nodded his head, "Right this way." He lead us up the staircase, and told me to try my key. I put it into the door, and it swung open. The girl I was with ran inside and left her bags outside the room,
"HELLLLOOOO?" she called. 2 guys came from around the corner. 1 had dark spiked hair, and a dark t-shirt on. He was muscular, and se'xy. The other 1 was taller, and also muscular. He had dirty blonde hair, and a buzz cut. He was also cute. He looked at me and smiled.
"Hey!" The guy with the spiked hair said, hugging the both of us, "I'm Tom."
"Ally!" The petite girl said.
"Andrew." The dirty blonde guy said.
"I'm Megan." I said, with a smile.
"And I'm Georgia." A girl said in the doorway, I turned around. Great. She was pretty. She had long black hair, and a black and white stripped halter. She had dark red lipstick on, and big brown eyes.
"Why hello Georgia!" Tom said. Georgia smiled, and looked at me.
"Megan. Room with me?" She asked.
"Oh thanks." Ally said with a sulk.
"To squeaky." Georgia shrugged. Ally pouted even more. I looked towards the back of the room, noticing for the first time the cameras, and camera crew filming us. The motioned me to look away.
"Well, actually. There's 8 different rooms, people can't room together." Andrew said. Georgia sighed,
"Ugh. Okay." She started pulling her bags, to look for a room.
"I don't like her." Ally said, folding her arms. I smiled at her and started looking for a room. Ally did the same.
Ally chose the room next to mine. Hers was a little bigger then mine, but I didn't really care.
The other three people came. All of the rest of the people came in. The last girl was also pretty, and said her name was Nicole. The two other guys that came in were also goodlooking. One better then the next. The brunette with blue eyes said his name is Nico, and the milato guy, with light eyes said his name was David.
I knew right away this summer was going to be amazing.

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