Blood and Fire (A Draco Malfoy Love Story)

okay so I'm bored and I thought y not make a Draco story? It might not be good but... Plus the title might or might not be subject to change. So here's the Character Info!
Name: Rain Shuana Potter
Appearance: Green eyes w/ purple. Dark Brown long wavy hair
House: Slytherin
Friends: Hermione, Ron, Fred, George, Draco, and Blaise
Brother: Harry Potter (duh)
P.S sorry for any misspelled words

Chapter 1

Glad to See You Again

"Rain! Come on. I will drag you out of bed if I have to!" If Harry wasn't so nice I would probably get into fights with him everyday over how he wakes me up. I think i'll test him today. "You know you make this to easy!" I heard him yell right next to my bed now. He got hold of my wand and suddenly a wave of cold hit my back. I stayed still for a minute waiting for the water to finish soaking into my back and bed before slowly rising and looking him dead in the eye.

"Might I ask why you did that?" My voice was deadly calm. He just looked and shrugged. A smile slowly creeping over my face. "Come on big brother. Give me a hug!" I shouted and ran to him before he could run away. I felt his dry clothes mix with my wet ones and his chest shake as he laughed. He hugged me tight and left after commanding that I get dressed.

After curling my hair and threw on my black skinnies and black top that hugs my shape. I met Harry in the hall and he looked at me and smiled. I looked at him too. Apparently great minds think alike. He chose to wear all black too with just a hint of red and gold on his shirt. We walked downstairs together and ran into our aunt, uncle, and cousin. They all just looked at us in disgust besides our cousin who showed a little fear.

I gave a roll of my eyes and a smirk before following Harry out the door and whistled for my broom and owl. When we arrived at Hogwarts Express Harry immediately spotted our friends. They were saying goodbye to Fred and George and wishing them luck on their toy store. I ran up to the twins and they squeezed me between them spinning me around. I giggled like mad and talked to them before heading off to find a compartment. Apparently Harry had something important to talk about with them in private.

I spotted Draco and snuck up behind him and tapped his shoulder. He turned abruptly, looking angry until he saw me. He smirked and took a hold of my waist. I grinned and hugged him tight. He pried me off of him and led me to an empty compartment.

"How's It been Rain?" He smirked and I groaned

"Just peachy until you decided to ruin it with your stupid smirk."

"Whatever. What do you want me to do?"

"Actually smile for once!" I playfully hit his chest and laid across his lap. He looked down at me puzzled before the compartment door open and Blaise, Pansy, Crab and Goyle walked in. Blaise looked me up and down hungrily and I rolled my eyes and sat up. Pansy hurriedly took the open spot next to Draco. Blaise tried hard to get up a conversation with me and I laughed.

"Zabini, y don't you just ask her out already? You've been wanting her for 6 years." Draco laughed and Blaise blushed. I rolled my eyes and got up for my seat and sat on Blaise's lap. At first he sat motionless. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he grasped my hips. I laughed again and I saw a flicker of irritation in Draco's eyes.

"Stop it Draco. Blaise knows that we are just friends. Thats why I even think of letting him touch me like this." I smiled as I saw his face fall and kissed his cheek. I changed into my robes like everyone else. Blaise invited me back into his arms and I shrugged and sat down. We arrived and I caught up with my brother. Hermione shrieked and grabbed me in a vise like grip. Ron wrapped his arms around my waist and spun me like his brothers.

"I think I know why my hips are the smallest part of my body now."

Harry smirked "Why is that?"

"Because everyone seems so compelled to grad my waist." They laughed and we all rode to hogwarts together. I watched first years get sorted and like always not many people made it to slytherin's. I went up to my personal dorm later and her a knock on my door...TBC


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