Moon and Ice - An Eevee Love Story

Moon and Ice - An Eevee Love Story

An eevee love story.

Chapter 1

Moon and Ice - An Eevee Love Story {Part 1}

It was sunny, just like any other day in Eterna Forest.
"Am I late?? Did I miss her??" a male pikachu shouted to a male flareon.
"Nope you're just in time." Flare smiled back, "Eevee! Come on!"
A young two-year-old female eevee stepped out of the den and smiled at the two, "Yes dad?"
"Look who came to see you off!" he pointed towards the pikachu.
"Oh Bolt! You came!" Eevee smiled and hugged Bolt.
"Of course! Oh Eevee are you ready to go off on your own into this huge dangerous world?"
Bolt started to cry, Flare was holding back his tears.
"Oh guys," Eevee smiled and hugged the two, "you wimps."
They all laughed but a howl in the distance cut off their laughter.
Eevee's ears went up in the air, "What's that?"
Flare's and Bolt's faces were dead serious.
"Bolt I'll need your help. Eevee hide. now." Flare instructed.Bolt nodded.
"Dad what's going on??" Eevee asked Flare a little scared now.
All of a sudden a huge male houndoom burst out of the bushes, "I claim this territory! Get off now or die!"
"Die?!?!" Eevee shouted back.
The houndoom used flamethrower barely missing Bolt. Bolt shot back a thunderbolt.
"Eevee Run!!!" Flare shouted using a fire spin.
Eevee ran, a trail of tears following her as she exited the clearing.
She ran until she couldn't hear them anymore. She layed down in a ball and stayed there for hours. Only when the tears stopped did she come back to the clearing.
Only to find Bolt and Flare motionless on the ground. Dead.

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