100 random facts about me (theyll make you laugh)

Just tryna cheer up.

Chapter 1


100 random facts about me.

1. I cant swim.

2. I find it hard to trust.

3. I have alot of friends but trust only a few.

4. My family are rich.

5. I cant ride a bike lol.

6. I u.sed to throw my self down stairs when I was little because I wanted crutches.

7. I dont get on at all with liers.

8. I forgive but dont forget.

9. Ive had over 20 diffrent tipes of pets.

10. I have never taken drugs.

11. My family own 8 houses

12. Im a tomboy.
I dont wear skirts or dresses.
Rarely ware makeup.

13. I am awesome at skateboarding.

14. My family have a private jet.

15. Christian and I have killed most of my past pets BY ACCIDENT
~Hugging to hard
~Putting my hamster in the microwave.
~Playing hospitals with my lizard
~Playing fetch near a road
~Eating the fish
~Putting the mouse in his dads water
~and other reasons~

16. I have broken 6 bones in the past 2 years
~Colar bone
~Other arm

17. I hug a teddy sometimes to sleep unless Christians there I hug him.

18. I believe in ghosts and karma.

19. I used to cry during Hsm 2 lol.

20. I never lie.

21. I drink over 5 cans of RedBull a day.

22. I have bad asthma.

23. Im 4'6 (soooo small)

24. I hate my name.

25. I have tons of nicknames including
~Blonde pixie
~Tinkerbell(Christian is my Peter Pan)

26. I love math.

27. Hate school.

28. If I could marry any celebrity I havent met it would be..... Aston Merrygold from JLS.

29. I love to listen to singers from other contreys on youtube.

30. I listen to people sing on YouTube.

31. I introduced Justin to Christian and Caitlin.

32. I love Supra.

33: my favorite colours are Blue purple and green.

34. I hate the colour pink.

35. I hide my feelings to get them out I cut.

36. Since I moved to California ive had a fake smile id never been sad till then.

37. Christians fans freak me out!

38. I looooove being outside.

39. I have a full bedroom as my closet back home in Georgia it has a door which leads into only my room.

40. I love black ops but I snap Christians black ops disk alot because he ignores me when he plays it.

41. I love Mcdonalds lol.

42. I spend most of my day on the internet and msn.

43. I hate sleeping alone.

44. I used to get bullied they still try but I stand up to them.

45. I dont really like Chocolate.

46. Christian and I have a place back in Georgia where we go when we get upset that know one knows about exept us.

47. I walk into doors alot( its a Bieber thing)
Even automatic doors.

48. My writing is a mess.

49. I was smart so I got put up a grade at school

50. I can speak french.

51. I have an obsession with shoes I have over 400 pairs.

52. I love skinny jeans.

53. I want to have an indian wedding ( Christian and I have agreed) .

54. Im ugly but when people lie and call me pretty It just stops me trusting them.

55. I love French and english accents.

56. I talk alooooot.

57. Im scared of hights.

58. I used to be scared of old people. And beetles ewwwwwwwww.

59. Im very clumsy and messy.

60. I hate when people stand near windows when there wide open.

61. I dont like knifes.

62. I love the beach and sand.

63. I used to say spazsetti.

64. I love pizza.

65. I love quotes.

66. Caitlin beadles is my idol.

67. Christian has saved my life more than once.

68. Im scared of fast planes or fast cars when im in them in case they crazh.

69. I love looking at stars.

70. I eat to much cheese.

71. When I was younger I wanted to be a bin man.

72. When I was younger when I couldnt sleep my mom used to tell me to dream about fairies or take me a drive in her car

73. I loooove having loads of pillows.

74. I use Christian as my bed. And at school I use him as my leaning post lol.

75. I hate web cam and hearing my self speak.

76. Im scared of mirrors.

77. Ive always wanted to see a platypus and a posum.

78. I hate being home alone.

79. I love truth or dare.

80. I like making out ;).

81. Sometimes I wish I was diffrent.

82. I love playing pranks on people.

83. I wet the bed until I was 8 :$.

84. When I was 11 Christian made me laugh so hard I peed :'(.

85. I hate when people stare.

86. I hate when people chew with there mouths open.

87. I dont like Thursdays because I think ther Fridays.

88. Once I turned up to school on a Saturday.

89. Ive only skipped school once.

90. I dont tell my parents anything.

91. Most of my friends dont know Christian and i are going out.

92. I hate warm weather.

93. Id rather ware nothing than wear a skirt or dress.

94. I love Hailey Williams hair.

95. I love Avril Lavigne (no homo).

96. I dont care about my weight.

97. People can call me stuff but when the say anything about my family or friends I go crazy.

98. I want a pomeranion.

99. I get bored easily.

100. I have ADHD.

Hope you enjoyed.
People have been asking for funny random thing Christian and I did as kids.
Should I post them ?

This helped me feel a bit better my side hurt :'(
I have conjuctivitus in my eyes so they hurt alot.


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