This is a third part to "UR BETTER OFF WITHOUT ME!"
(for those of u guys who haven't noticed yes mi last two poems were paramore inspired, but other than that everything i write on here r mi true feelings)
i also threw in some quotes, so enjoy!
(and there are some mcr quotes in there(lik 1 or 2)

Chapter 1


(plz read intro ^)
"i wanna know what it be like to find perfection in pride to see nothing in the light"~Paramore turn it off
things are finally looking up for me
im happy
no i haven't found that one friend who truly understands me but, I've been happy lately.
me being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect, i have just decided to look beyond mi imperfections. (actual quote from gerard way)
i've seen everything in a different point of view
i can finally just.......BREATH!
even when i had mi saddest, darkest moments, i saw some light every now and then.
i would remember me screaming "WAT WILL SAVE ME?!"
i remember how terrified of how i would turn out to be.
but today i just.....let it all go
i finally found my way out of the dark and out of harm
today i finally looked up.


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