I Love You, But I Don't Know If You Love Me (A Bleach Love Story)

I Love You, But I Don't Know If You Love Me (A Bleach Love Story)

Ur name is Sapphire Tukimi.
17 yrs. old.
looks~ Black hair down to butt, sapphire eyes (where you got ur name from), u like to wear anything but pink. fav. color? blue.
Sword~ Kimyoo Kootei (Strange Emperor). appearance of sword~ normal looking but blade is blue and hilt has a dragon on it which represents the emperor of dragons.
**Person in the story picture**

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"You will return to the real world with Kurosaki Ichigo and take the place of Kuchiki Rukia while she is resting." said the Capitan-Commander.
"Yes sir!"
"Now go."
"Yes, sir!" And I left the room. I opened the doors and smelt the cherry blossoms. "They smell great this year."
"They do." I looked to my left and saw Byakuya standing there. Then, the Capitan-Commander called him in to his "Office" and the doors closed. I went to go get my things. I was deeply lost in thought when I was packing because when I left my house, i bumped into Hisagi.
"Sorry! I didn't see you there!"
"It's o-" He stopped in mid sentence. We looked at each other for another second then we both parted ways. I can't stand him! i thought to myself. I waited by the gate and looked at the sky. It was cloudless and the sky was a baby blue. Like always. When is he going to get here? I started to look for him when i bumped into ANOTHER guy! "Sorry! Ugh! This is just not my day!" I looked up at him and he had orange hair with a smile on his face.
"It's ok! My name's Ichigo."
"Kurosaki Ichigo?"
"Y-yes. How did you know?"
"Because I've been waiting for you for over an hour! C'mon! We have to leave!"
"O-ok." And we both ran to the gate. It was all ready open and there was people there. There was one tall guy who had hair over his face. One who was wearing a blue and white outfit. A Quincy? What is he doing here with us? And a girl who was wearing pink. I saw Rukia there wearing a white robe and she was waving good-bye to us all. We went through the gate and I started to run for it. "Why are you running?! We don't ne-" and he shut up and ran. He caught up to me.
"That's why, stupid!" and I pointed back to a cleaner that was cleaning the pathway. We saw light and then we fell. Everyone was on there butts but I was standing. "You guys better go home and get some sleep. You are going to need it because you have school."
"Aren't you going to school, too?" asked the Quincy.
"Maybe. I can go without sleep for days. We had to do that for Shinigami School. It sucked!" They all laughed except for the Quincy. "You are a buzz-kill, Quincy."
"It's Ishida! They didn't teach you manners at Shinigami School?""
"NOPE!" I said with a big smile on my face. "They only taught us how to fight!" I decided to leave and find a place to rent since I was going to stay here for a while. I found a place that had one room for me and took it. I looked out the window and saw... Ichigo? He saw me and waved. I gave him a confused look and waved back. He lives right across from me?

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