I Love You, But I Don't Know If You Love Me (A Bleach Love Story)

I Love You, But I Don't Know If You Love Me (A Bleach Love Story)

Ur name is Sapphire Tukimi.
17 yrs. old.
looks~ Black hair down to butt, sapphire eyes (where you got ur name from), u like to wear anything but pink. fav. color? blue.
Sword~ Kimyoo Kootei (Strange Emperor). appearance of sword~ normal looking but blade is blue and hilt has a dragon on it which represents the emperor of dragons.
**Person in the story picture**

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

~Next day~
**Ichigo's P.O.V**
I got to school and went to my first class. The teacher said something about a new student. The girl walked in and I was shocked. I herd all the other people say, "She's new. Don't hang around her." and "OMG!! She is soo hot! let's see if one of us could get that!" Her name was Tukimi Sapphire and she was the Shinigami who was sent to protect the town. She sat down next to me and waved. I didn't do anything but stare like I was stupid.
"You look stupid when you do that." she said to me. I snapped out of it and paid my attention to the teacher but didn't hear her talking because I was deep in thought. The teacher called on me about a question but I just gave her a confused look.
"So, do you know the answer to the question?" the teacher said.
"I know the answer! It's... FISH!!" And the class started to laugh. I looked over to Sapphire and she just smiled. The teacher settled the class down and resumed her lesson. "You're welcome!"
"Thanks." was all I could say.
**Ur P.O.V**
"You're welcome!"
"Thanks." I could tell he was deep in thought. Then, it hit me. I could feel it.
"Can i go to the bathroom?"
"Yes, you can." said the teacher. I hurried out of the room and changed into a Shinigami and went outside. i saw the hollow and i took him out easily. I returned and went back to class. Then School got out.
"What, school's over already?" i asked.
"Yeah. You were in the 'bathroom' for the whole day." It took me that long to fight one hollow? I'm starting to lose it. "C'mon. I'll show you around town." And he started to walk. He showed me the whole town and when it got dark, we decided to go to our houses. We made it when I herd a noise. Ichigo put his fist out and then someone or something bumped into it.
"Ha ha! You are getting better, my son! Let's see if you ca-" and Ichigo punched him and he flew into the kitchen. Ichigo turned to me.
"See you tomorrow."
"Yea, see ya tomorrow." And i turned and went into my house.
The door opened up and I got scared. I knew it was that time of the day. I couldn't forget. He wouldn't let me. He looked at me and said, "If you fight back like last time, it will only be tougher for you." He moved his hand like he was going to hit me and I flinched. He laughed and actually hit me. "That's for flinching." Then, his look changed. He grabbed my arm and dragged me into the bathroom. He then pulled out a razor blade. " I always wanted a boy. Not a girl. And when you can out, you killed her! YOU MURDERED MY WIFE!" He screamed at me. Then, he cut my arms. Both of them. I could feel my life draining out of me. The house was hit by someone or something and I heard screaming. I looked to see who or what had done that to the house and when I saw the face I screamed for the first time since i was 3.
I woke up screaming at 6:00 am and got into the shower. I got dressed and went to school.
after school
I started to walk home when i felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Ichigo. He had a worried look on his face.
"What's the matter? I herd you screaming this morning."
"It was just a dream. It was nothing." His look didn't change. Then, I saw his eyes look down to both my arms. I had scars. One for each arm going from my wrist to my elbow.
"Are you-"
"NO! I mean, it was long ago." Somehow, I felt I could trust him. I decided to tell him. "It was when I was still alive. My dad always got drunk and then one night, he told me that I killed his wife, my mom, and that he didn't want a girl. So, he took my arm and dragged me to the bathroom and... and... and cut my arms. Both of them. I died when I was 5." He said nothing but I knew he wanted to find the words but couldn't. "I have to go home. See you tomorrow." And I left.
**Ichigo's P.O.V**
After she said she had to leave, I had found the words to say. But she was already gone. Idiot! You let her escape without saying something comforting like 'it's ok. I'm here for you.' but i had to be stupid. I smacked myself in the head and went around town. I started walking when Inoue taps me on my shoulder. "What's wrong, Inoue?"
"N-nothing. I-it's just... you look like you like the new girl." She said really fast. I could tell she was nervous about saying this.
"We're just friends. You don't have to worry." Her face lightened with relief. For a second, I thought she had a crush on me. "I have to go home. I'll see you later. Bye."
"Bye, Kurosaki-kun!" she said. I have to find Sapphire and tell her not to worry.

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