I Love You, But I Don't Know If You Love Me (A Bleach Love Story)

I Love You, But I Don't Know If You Love Me (A Bleach Love Story)

Ur name is Sapphire Tukimi.
17 yrs. old.
looks~ Black hair down to butt, sapphire eyes (where you got ur name from), u like to wear anything but pink. fav. color? blue.
Sword~ Kimyoo Kootei (Strange Emperor). appearance of sword~ normal looking but blade is blue and hilt has a dragon on it which represents the emperor of dragons.
**Person in the story picture**

Chapter 3

Finding Sapphire

I started to run when I got a sudden thought. Why am I going after her to tell her not to worry? Do I already like her? I decided to put that thought back and continue to search for her. I had looked everywhere but to no avail. I hunched over and tried to catch my breathe. I heard some music coming from the woods. I followed it and the song started to get clearer.
The stars,
The moon,
They have all been blown out
You left me in the dark.
No dawn, no day,
I'm always in this twilight,
In the shadow of your heart...
I continued to follow it and saw Sapphire lying on the ground. I went after he but a giant hand knocked me away. I hit a tree and broke it in half. I looked up to see a Hallow. It laughed at me. "I knew somebody would find the bait."
"Bait?" Crap, it was a trap! But I can't let Sapphire get hurt. I changed into my Shinigami form and then attacked the Hallow. I was starting to loose when it sang again.
I took the stars from my eyes,
And then, I made a map.
And I knew that somehow,
I could find my way back.
But then I heard your heart beating,
You were in the darkness too.
So I stayed in the darkness with you...
I started to get sleepy. I tried so hard to keep my eyes open and fought a little longer then collapsed. As I laid there on the forest floor, I heard the Hallow chuckle and pick up Sapphire.
"Ichigo. Ichigo? Ichigo!" I kept hearing this voice call out to me. I smiled at the voice. It sounded so soothing and calm and warm., like I just wanted to cuddle with its warmth and fall asleep to it.
I felt a stinging on my left cheek. "Wow, that didn't do anything."
"Of course. It has to be something with that Hallow." Another voice said.
"That was one of the rare Hallow's who have the power to hypnotize people." The soothing voice said. "Ichigo..." I heard the voice whisper in my ear. I slowly opened my eyes and saw Sapphire with everyone else. "So, you're finally awake!" I got up and then put my hand to my left cheek, still feeling the after effects of-what was it? A slap?
"Did one of you guys slap me?"
"Yeah, I did. Sorry but I had to test if you were still asleep or not." I looked at the sky. It was a clear dark night with stars and a full moon. "Come on." A hand was offered to me and I saw that it was Sapphire's hand. "You will need some help walking for a little bit." I took her hand and she helped me walk home. I could have sworn I saw a look of hate in Orhimie's eyes as Sapphire helped me walk home.
Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machines.
Hoped you enjoyed that!

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