Lost in Flames

Lost in Flames

When an outrageous fire destroys the most important thing in her life, Natalie must find a way to live through what most people should never have to go through.

Chapter 1

The Nightmare

All he saw was smoke. He was surrounded, engulfed even, by flames. He barely heard the loud, evil cackle of the flames, beckoning him to his almost inevitable death. All he could hear was the screaming of his beloved only child, Natalie, begging to come in and save him, to aid him, to help him leave this godforsaken deathtrap. But everyone, even him and his daughter, knew it was a lost cause. All he could do was pray, pray that she would not come back to help him. Pray that she would move on, and have a happy life. Without him. Finally, ending the torture of the burns that were forced upon him by the devil's licking flame, the floor gave way beneath him. He was falling, falling, falling towards his doom. But all that went through his mind was his daughter, the daughter that would now be alone, without a family. "Natalie." He whispered, as he fell, down, down, the floor coming nearer, his life ending quicker. "Natalie."

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