A Heart Story

A Heart Story

Lila, a loving, kind, big mouth, 18 year old.Just Living in a small town in a huge Kingdom. A Kingdom that had just come out of a war, claiming more land, but also the life of the beloved Queen Annbell. But when her life gets turn upside down, will she be able to hear her Heart's True Story?

Chapter 1

The Search

by: ATJudge
"Lillain Belle Kay! If you don't leave soon, you'll be late to work at Ms. Harp!"

She stood in front of the mirror, pulling back the first three layers of her hair back with combs that had little jewls on them. She smiled at herself. Lillain, Lila as she liked it, was a fresh 18 year old looking to find her self.

"I'm coming mother!" She screamed back down the stairs. She took one last look at herself, and hurried down the stairs, raising her skirts, and her heels clapping against the wood.
"Here!" Her mother thrusted a piece of bread at her daughter, and quickly rushed her out of the bakery, and out the front door.

Lila's parents ran the local bakery, selling all the baked goods from cookies to cakes, to breads of all sorts. Lila liked living above the bakery. SHe liked the smells, and watching the items baking. She loved taking food to people, and talking to all the town folks.

Lila quickly rushed out to onto the stone sidewalk, and made her way quickly down the block the Ms. Harp's Dress Shop. She as much as she loved the bakery, she dreamed of one day owning Mr.Harp's dress shop, which she would change slightly to Madame Key's Dress House.

She smiled at the thought. She also thought about Seth as she rushed though the streets. Seth was three years older then Lila, at 21, and was studing the be a blacksmith. He only had a year left of studying.

Lila cut into the Ally right beside of Ms. Harp's. The back door opened with a long sweak. (sp).
"Hey Lila!"
"Hey V."
Vala Burch was also studing dress making, only she wanted to work behind the scene with the making and desinging of the dress. It also didnt hurt that Lila and Vala had been friends since they could run around outside of the Church every Sunday.

"Whata working on?"
"Same thing I've been working on for the past month. That dress for the Sebold's Daughter."
I Snotted. and V laughed.

The Sebolds are one of those rich families with the big houses, and carriges and go rub elbows with King Darren. They have the show horses, and spend money on any and everything.

"Well, I came ready to work." Lila said with a smile.
" Then sit on down." and Vala patted a stool next to her.

The moring wore on, and Vala and Lila worked laughed, and talked. She was happy when lunch came around, because She was free for a hour to go eat, and see Seth. She basiclly skipped the whole two blocks to the blacksmith's. She smiled as she saw Seth hunched over working on a piece of red hot metal.

After a while he felt her smile, and stare, and looked up to see her standing there, smiling. He stuck his metal in the bucket of cold water, tore off his apron and rushed over to her.

Seth had blonde curly hair, was well built, he had a "Normal" skin color, not being dark ( such as Vala with her lovely chacolate skin and balck hair ) or even tan ( such as Lila with her auburn hair, and naturally tan.) but he wasnt paste-ty white like Lila's younger sister Lee-Ann. ( Had stange wild red curls ).

"Hey!" He smiled at her, and gave her a light kiss on her lips.
"Did I intterupt you?"
"No. What's on the mind today?"
"I'm unsure. Everything just see,so strange. What will King Darren do now that Queen Annbell, may se rest in peace, is .....gone?"
Seth shrugged.
"I don't know and dont really care. In a year or two from now, it'll be me and you! We'll be married, have true Trades ( jobs ), and maybe be able to start a family!"
I smiled as he took my arm, looped it though his, and started walking to thw town square.

The Town square of Darstin ( Da-r-stein), was nothing big. It was mainly an empty square in the middle of town. It had a small fountain in one corner, but other then that nothing else.

So it got the attation of both Seth, and Lila, when they saw a huge crowds surronding the acouncment borads on each for walls.
"I wonder-" Seth started.
"Lets go see!" And Lila pulled him to the right, towards a borad and crowd.

They fought thier way to the front of the crowd.

A Royal Message To The People of Darstin.
/ Because if the Untimely Death of Queen Annbell, May She Rest in Peace, And Her Still-Born Child./ A Land Wide seach Is in Order To Find the Next Queen Is In Order. There Shall Be a Grand Ball on the FIFTH of MAY.
It Is Demanded that Each and Every Girl of Age Come Forward.
King Darren the XVI.

I looked at Seth.

"Yes, are you going?"
Vala nodded her head 'no'
"He would never choose me. I have no money, family, I dont even know my true name. And what about you?"
Lila Laughed.
"Of course not! I love Seth, remember? We're already started to plan, to Dream."


"You're going."
"Go and whine I dont care! You want to break the law? You could be killed for it!"
"But I love Seth! He and I have already started planning our life! I'm not availabe!"
"Are you married yet?"
"No, but-"
"Are you of age?"
"Yes, But Mother-"
"You're going and that's final!"

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