Sometimes the Bad Guy is Your Soulmate (A Draco Malfoy Love Story 11)

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Chapter 1

A relationship comes to an abrupt end.

When we got there,Daphne was being all lovey-dovey with Blaise.

"You're so adorable." she said.

"No you are." said Blaise.This went on for about 5 minutes until I dropped the bag in between them.

"You happy?" I asked.Daphne looked in the bag and said,"Yes." Talk about impolite.
The day was over and we were on the train back to Hogwarts.My head was on Draco's shoulder.Blaise had gone to the bathroom since he ate so much cookies."Stupid Blaise,those were my cookies." said Daphne.She eyed the lilies in my hand.Then Blaise came back.

"Did you wash your hands?" asked Daphne.

"Duh." said Blaise.Then Draco whispered in my ear,"Do you want to go to another compartment?" I nodded and we stepped out to another compartment.

He sat down and pulled me onto his lap."I love you." he said."I love you too." I said.He kissed me and then started kissing my ear like he did at the tree.I put the flowers down and kissed his cheek.He smirked.

"I know that smirk,Malfoy." I said.

He smiled and brought his lips to mine.He laid me down on the bench with his hand supporting my head and we had a make-out session.Then,he came to an abrupt stop.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

Draco stared at the ground with him still on top of me."Why do you love me? I'm a Malfoy." he said,slowly.

I was shocked at his question."I don't know." I said."Maybe I like bad boys."

He smiled and said,"Even if they do this?" He started kissing my neck.Chills went down my spine.Something came over me and I unbuttoned his shirt.Then the door slid open and there stood Blaise."Am I interrupting something?" he asked.

"No." said Draco,getting off of me and buttoning his shirt.I sat down and fixed my hair.Then Daphne came in and saw Draco's half-buttoned shirt."Well,we're almost to Hogwarts." said Daphne.

"I see that." I said.Daphne raised her eyebrows and walked out.Blaise pulled Draco by the shirt and out of the compartment.He shut the door.I eavesdropped.

"Do you realized what you almost did?" asked Blaise.

"I know,she's a Gryffindor but I love her.We just got carried away." said Draco.

"Whatever." said Blaise.
A few weeks later,our relationship was going smooth and the tree had a bunch of pictures from our dates and I guess you can call them....."adventures".

I hung a picture of Draco being smothered by the Giant Squid's tentacles."Oh come on." said Draco."I have to hang it up,squid." I said,teasing him with the nickname I gave him.He rolled his eyes and continued searching through our special things box.

Then Blaise came walking around shouting Draco's name."Draco,I need to talk to you!" he shouted.Draco jumped down.

"Why were you up there?" asked Blaise.

"Nothing." said Draco.

"About that walk-in a few weeks ago on the train......"

"Yeah,what about it?"

"Are you crazy? Your father will have your head if he finds out!" yelled Blaise.

I climbed on a branch above them and eavesdropped."Blaise,look,that's the past." said Draco.

"The past? Do you know what will happen if your dad founds out who you're dating?"

"I know,I know.He'll have my head.I'll die for her,Blaise.I love her!"

"Well,enough of that,okay? She's probably thinking that you'll live happily ever after and have to break up with her."

"No Blaise.You're not my father!"

"Well your father will tell you to do that."

I peeked through some leaves.Blaise grabbed Draco's shoulders.

"Look,you have to break up with her! Don't give me that 'I love her' cr.ap."

I climbed back to the base of the tree and jumped down."I'm sorry you feel that way Blaise." I said,keeping a stream of tears from pouring out.Blaise opened his mouth to speak but closed it.Draco put a hand on my shoulder.I turned around."He's right Draco." I said,wiping tears away before walking to the Gryffindor Tower.

Draco was about three feet behind as I climbed into the portrait hole,tears coming down my face."Oh my goodness,Chloe,what happened?" asked Hermione,rushing to my side.

"Chloe,listen to me!" yelled Draco,tumbling in.

"What the hell?" asked Ron.

"Please Chloe,I love you.I won't listen to that pesky hippogriff Zabini."

"Can't you see,Draco? He's right!"

Draco had a hurt face.I hugged him."I love you Draco but we just can't be together.I think it's best we stay friends.I'll see you around school." I kissed him on the cheek before walking to my dorm with a tear-stained face.
I woke up the next day to hear Harry yelling at someone.I quickly changed into:

I touched the cold,hard stone stair case and chills went up my spine like the way Draco kissed me.I shook my head.

When I got to the common room to see what the commotion was."She came back here crying because of you! That was probably the best and the only relationship she ever had! You ruined it!" yelled Harry.

"I was stating the obvious!" yelled a familiar voice.

"Then what the hell is 'Are you crazy? Your father will have your head if he finds out!'" yelled Harry.

"Where'd you get that information?"

"From Draco."

Silence.I walked out from behind the wall and saw Harry and Blaise.Blaise was speechless and looking at Harry with anger.Hermione was behind Harry trying to hold him back."What's going on?" I asked."Chloe!" said Blaise.

I turned around but before I could climb up the stairs,Blaise grabbed my arm."What?" I asked without turning around.

"I'm sorry,Chloe--."

"Don't call me Chloe,only my friends call me that."

"Fine,/Woods/.As you can see,I'm sorry.I saw how happy you were with Malfoy.And I'm sorry."

I turned around and said,"Don't give me that 'I'm sorry' cr.ap,okay? You're probably thinking that this is gonna go out fine and all but no it's not.Sounds familiar doesn't it?"

Ron came and pulled Blaise away.He pushed Blaise out of the portrait hole."You just made my day,Ronald." I said as I hugged him.

"Today's Saturday right?" asked Harry.Hermione nodded."Okay." said Harry.

"Let's go eat breakfast.I'm starving." said Ron.

"Aren't you always?" said Hermione.

Harry chuckled.We headed toward the Great Hall.I stood out from the others who were all happy and laughing.My eyes set on a tuft of blond hair.I looked at the owner of the blond hair.Draco was not the mood I imagined.He was happy and with Daphne? WHAT THE H.ELL? I passed by them and a snippet of their conversation.

"Hey Daphne,you wanna go to Hogsmeade with me?" asked Draco.

"I'd love to." squealed Daphne.I sneaked a peek at them and saw a red glow under Draco's shirt."Draco,what's that?" asked Daphne.

"Oh nothing." he said,suddenly looking uncomfortable.
I was playing with my cereal instead of eating.People badgered me with things like,"You dated Malfoy?" and "Some Gryffindor you are." I couldn't take it anymore and went running out of the Great Hall.

I plopped onto my bed crying.Then I heard kids rushing out of the castle.I looked out the window looking for Draco's head.I saw it and grabbed the pink lilies which surprisingly survived after 5 weeks.I wrapped them in paper and dropped it on Draco's head.I then wrote a quick note that said:

The h.ell with you.Hope you have fun with Daphne.

I gave it to Megan and said,"Peck him as much as you can." She hooted and took off.I sat by the window and watched.Draco opened the note and stopped in his tracks.He looked up at my window.I waved.Megan kept pecking him again and again.She then flew up and perched on my finger.She nuzzled her head against my cheek.I grabbed a bag of owl treats and gave her about five.I put her back in her cage.Then Hermione burst into the room smiling."The whole school saw Draco getting pecked by your owl.She's a star!" she said.I smiled and looked at Megan who hooted.

We boarded the train and we got a compartment to ourselves.Harry had a bag of food for Sirius who was to meet us.My bra felt very strange since my wand was tucked in there.Then the compartment door slid open."Well Drakey.This compartment is full of bloodtraitors,a half-blood,and a filthy mudblood." said Daphne.I cracked and took out my wand."Don't you dare call her that again!" I said.

"What are you going to do?" she asked.

"This.Slugulus Eructo!" I shouted.Daphne started vomiting slugs.Draco took her to the bathroom.Then Professor McGonagall came."What is going on?" she said,almost stepping on a slug."Oh my! Scourgify!" she said.The slugs disappeared."Who put a slug-vomiting charm on Ms.Greengrass?" she asked.

"I did." I said without hesitation."Well,detention for a week with Mr.Argus Filch." she said."Okay." I said./Argus Shmargus/ Filch is more like it.Ron and Harry looked at me like I was crazy.
I arrived at the Three Broomsticks.I got greeted by Rosmerta who was pouring mulled mead.I put on my apron.Daphne came in with Draco.Great.Just great.


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