Random shizz about me quizz form

Chapter 1

Me questions

When I was younger, I wanted to be a astronaut (still kinda of do)
My first pet was dog
I once dated Charlotte (Charl)
Last night, I partied with my sister and some friend so chill
For my next birthday, I would like to have a big house party
I would hate it if everyone turned against me for no reason
I can't help but laugh out loud when i see something really funny
I love the book a Book thief
My best friend told me that a dinosaur raws louder than a lion :P
The furthest I've ever travelled to Boston (yeah never been out of the USA)
I think President Obama has a hard job but overtaxes the people
My car is a kia well it's mom's
I've always wanted to have a pet snake
My favorite Dippin' Dots flavor is the pink ones
I have a scar from football
My birthmark is on my back
My father worked at pfft dad doing a honest day's work that is a joke
I crave chocolate
I hate when people are really annoying and hurtful to friend and fam

I once fell in love

My celebrity crush is Megan Fox
I cannot bend backward to far
I want to work for NASA
I'd like to drink vodka
My favorite thing about summer is the fun we have the heat good times with friends
I think that Paris Hilton is cheap but she's fit so meh
The room I'm in is a collage uni room
In high school, I am doing pretty well
My mom tells me that when It was 7pm
My future spouse has to be carrying funny nice and we have to be in love
I've lost people i care about
The last time I went to see a movie my friend chucked popcorn in the women infront of us hair.
I only like to dance when the music is loud and i am hyper. Nah just all the time.
The last picture with me in it is my dp on here
I put on my shoes that are converse
The perfume I prefer is lynx
I've never ridden a girl ;) Jokes um... a bike as in motorbike
The last thing I read on a cereal box was Lucky charms :)
Bad drivers make me think mate i can do it better
I am only nice to everyone


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