So, I decided that "To All My Readers!" was too dramatic. XD
Updates and crap. For the latest, go to the last chapter posted. :P

Chapter 2

Some Updates (April 14)

So, I've decided that I should post some updates about my writing here.... Pretty basic.

An American Witch at Hogwarts
I'm in the middle of writing chapter nine. It should be up tomorrow.

Van Helsing: Paranormal Exterminator
I'm not sure when the next chapter will be up. I've not even started writing it. Sorry, guys!

Quill Pen Special Edition: A Muggleborn's Survival Guide
ILoveDeanThomas has written her article and I'm working on mine. Waiting for some quotes from Charlie Weasley. If, in the meantime, anyone has an article they'd like to write, let me know! Don't make the two of us do this on our own, guys!

Tales of a Muggle-Born on the Run
The next chapter is in the works, too. Saturday, I'll have it finished. Whoo!

Other stuff:
I've got a lot going on with me lately, so if I don't post when I say, please forgive me. I'm not trying to forget about it, I've just got more important stuff to finish!

Ok, I don't think I forgot anything...

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