So, I decided that "To All My Readers!" was too dramatic. XD
Updates and crap. For the latest, go to the last chapter posted. :P

Chapter 46

March 14 (Little announcement)

Guess what?!?!?! I'm writing again. Seriously writing again. I've already gotten one chapter up of Tales of a Muggle-Born on the Run with the rest of the story planned out in my head.

Now... Announcements:

One, my updates are going to be moving to Diary of a Ravenclaw. It'll be sort of a diary and blog at the same time. I'll write there more often than I manage to post chapters for my stories, simply because college classes start back up next week and I've got Algebra this quarter.

Two, I may end up posting a link to my YouTube channel sometime in the future, as I may end up starting a wrock band. All you Harry Potter fans who are still as nuts as me, check out WrockBox. It's amazing and you'll understand the reasoning behind my wrock band if you see it.

Three, my fanfics will be my priority with college. During spring break, I'll work on getting the other stories up. I may write a sentence here and there of the original stories, but fanfics take a lot less research at times and that means more time for me to spend on my homework.

Four, during the quarter, I will only be on some evenings and most weekends. Why? Afternoon classes and getting started on training for competition.

So... Yeah.

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