Hogwarts- Role-Playing

This is a story (by me) where you create a HP version of yourself.

Basics include (or can be)
Age (please start at 11)
House you want:
Want to date (can be another person or say i dont care and i can give you a random person the random person is fun)
Blood type: (Muggle-born, pure blood)
Can Include other stuff like who your BFF is or a pic of "you"

P.S. most of this is made up

Chapter 1

The Train

I got off the train and went with the other first-years. My name is Luke Dolomain and I am Muggle-Born. I have black hair and green eyes. Some of the first-yearers already called me a Slytherin. What is a Slytherin anyways? Well I am a pretty sly jokester. That girl on my bus Amanda didn't really like it when I put a fake rat on her seat. Well I am 5' 3" and I am almost 12.

"Hello First-Years and those who are coming to see us again! And Welcome to Hogwarts!" said the creepy principal dude. I think his name was Mr. Wortner.
He spoke again, "We have some new teachers and here they are!"

The Charms and Potions teacher stood up who was a hot female. She said, "Hello Students! I look forward to see you all ace my Pop-Quiz Potions test!"
Everyone groaned.

Herbary and Healing Spells teacher Dr. Mosner stood up next. He gave all of us the evil-eye and said, "You BETTER PAY ATTENTION IN MY CLASS MUGGLES!!"

Protective Spells Teacher Mrs. Jaiemana stood up and said, "Hi...I will look forward to meeting everyone..." She quickly sat back down blushing.

Defense Against The Dark Arts Teacher Mr. Blackheart (he does have a black heart) stood up and said, "No Screwing around in my class you first-yearers GOT THAT!?"
All of us nodded quickly.

Finally, the teacher of Taking Care of Magical Creatures Lady Valentina stood up (she was beautiful) and said, "Please enjoy your first year first-yearers!" She smiled a warm smile and sat down. Mr. Wortner said, "LET THE SORTING BEGIN!" TBC


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