40 Things Guys Don't Know About Girls

these are just some things i think guys have the right to know about girls. GUYS, READ THIS CAREFULLY BECAUSE IT COULD SAVE YOU A LOT OF TROUBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and keep in mind not every girl is like this, but most of them are.

Chapter 1

Read this, and tell your guy friends about it!!

1. If we seem mad, we probably feel ignored or unloved. show us you care about us, and we'll get over it.
2. We tease you because we love you. If we didn't tease you, you should worry.
3. A way to know we like you is if we talk a lot or giggle around you.
4. We "screech" when we see our best friends because we love them like sisters of brothers, and sometimes we have things we want to tell them and are so worked up about it we just can't hold it in.
5. We talk because we overanylyze things.
6. We overanylyze things because we want to understand. Girls don't like being confused or left in the dark. We DO occasionally like a little mystery in a guy, but not so much that he never tells us anything.
7. If we ignore you, we overanalyzed something about you and are peeved off about it. Don't try to figure it out, just hold us and apologize, and we will get over it.
8. The main reason we fall for a guy is because of his eyes and the way the look at us.
9. When we cry, we're not being weak. We're just stressed and trying to express ourselves. Don't try to make us stop-just hold us and wait it out, and we will love you all the more for it.
10. If you make a girl mad, WE WILL REMEMBER IT. If you want us to forgive you, you have to mean it with all your heart and soul, or it will mean nothing for most girls.
11. We like a guy to be himself around us. If he's hanging out with his friends and we walk up, we don't want him to act like a different person. We like him for HIM, or he's just pretending to be who he thinks we want him to be, and the whole relationship is a lie. So guys, act natural.
12. Know that we're too shy to make the first move. Don't be afraid to hold our hands or hug and kiss us, because if you are, it means you don't care enough and it will never happen.
13. Don't push us on things we don't want to do. All it results in is unnecessary arguments and tension, and we become more opposed to it the harder you push it.
14. Don't pressure us about s*x. We'll do it when we're ready, and if you push it, it goes bad(see #13) for the whole relationship.
15. We like guys to be able to have fun, but we also want them to be serious sometimes to.
16. If you don't make a commitment to us, it means you don't really care about us enough to take a leap of faith, and we get hurt and mad and steam about it(see #10).
17. We take what is said very seriously, so think before you speak.
18. If you say "I love you" be prepared to tell us why you love us, because WE WILL ASK.
19. Girls can be uptight, but they also know how to let their hair down.
20. Remember girls have fragile self-esteem, so try not to tease her too much about her weight or her size in any clothing. She will take it very personally, and she won't forget(see #10).
21. Not all girls are strait-laced and uptight. We know how party, and we like to have fun when we hang out.
22. Just because we do girls' night does NOT mean we don't like spending time with you. It just means we like some time to spend with our girlfriends, to talk and laugh and do girl stuff, which we can't do with guys.
23. If a girl is irked about guys' night, talk to her about it. Do NOT ignore the issue. Explain how you need a guys' night the way we need girls' night, and she will understand. If you ignore it, the pent-up hurt and anger will eventually come out in an explosion, and you will regret not addressing the issue.
24. Even though we say guys are idiots, it's just because we don't understand why they attack eachother for fun or have belching contests. We know guys can be very intelligent.
25. If you ever see someone wearing the same clothes as your date, either pretend you don't notice or tell her she looks prettier. (see #20) Girls don't like wearing the same thing, because they fear being compared and being the less attractive.
26. Girls dress up because they want to be told they look gorgeous, and because they want to be the pretty one who knows they look good.
27. If we goo-goo over some cute actor or singer-or anyone famous for that matter-then try not to get mad at us. We know it could never happen, and we still love you. We just like looking at cute guys.
28. If you talk to other girls and are in a relationship, we get jealous BECAUSE WE FEEL THREATENED. Don't get mad, just keep your cool, tell her you care about her, and explain that those other girls are just friends you don't like that way-it's what we want to hear.
29. Don't worry if you can't dance. Most of us can't either, and we just make it up as we go along. Just have fun, let loose, and be yourself and we'll have fun no matter how much you step on our toes.
30. If a girl doesn't talk to you, she's peeved off(see #6). Don't pester her, just let her cool off and blow off steam, and then try to explain you didn't mean to hurt her, and explain you care about her and it will blow over.
31. If a girl bats her eyes at you or blushes or giggles a lot when you're around, she's trying to hint that she has a crush on you but doesn't want to day it outright. Girls hint and get irritated if you don't pick it up, so PAY ATTENTION.
32. If we talk too much, just tell us. If you ignore us, we get hurt and think you're mad at us.
33. Always be open with girls. If you keep secrets and we find out, we will be hurt and think you don't trust us.
34. Girls that seem "shallow" are often insecure, and just want to be told they are beautiful and be loved for who they are.
35. If you like a girl, ASK HER OUT. Never think "she's out of my league." We dress all hot and stuff to try and snag you, so take the bait! We're too shy and insecure to ask you ourselves, so just ask! 95% chance we say yes because we like you too.
36. Don't talk too much about sports, video games, or cars to us unless we are genuinely interested. Majority of the time, we don't understand ANY of it. We may fake interest to spare your feelings, but we often have no idea what you're saying.
37. A girl flirts by winking, trying to talk to you a lot, or giggling. She gets hurt if a guy flirts by teasing her(see #10). So if she is flirting, think carefully about how you respond, or just ask her out to spare yourself the arguments and turmoil.
38. Girls like guys who know what they want to do with their life. (P.S., If you want to be a professional sports player or musician, have a back-up plan until that career takes off.)
39. If girls talk in "text speak a lot," it's just because either they're trying to be goofy, or they don't feel like spelling it out for you.
40. If you don't call or text a girl, she might get hurt. Even if it's just an "I miss you," text her and she will feel loved and appreciated.
Hope this was a bit insightful for you guys! Girls, if you have anything to add, put it in the comments.


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