Our School Is Haunted

hello cookie fans i will be wrighting this story with inthelight.
this is about a girl named Alex Rose and shes 12 and finds out shes going to a haunted school and she and her friends get trapped Lilly and Jessica
and they get out and destroy the school and.......

Chapter 1

First day of High school

Alex jumped out of the car in excitement. It was the first day of High School. Alex always wanted to be in High School and do all the things she had dreamed when she was a child. Alex ran up the stairs looking for her friends. she finally found them on a bench waiting for her to show up. "Hey lilly'" "Hey Jessica", I said putting all my stuff on the bench. "How was summer Alex". Lilly said smiling at me. "It was fantastic. We went to Iceland" I said pulling out a few presents. "Is that for us" said Jessica. I nodded and each gave them one present each. First Lilly opened hers. a glow went on her face, "YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE" screamed Lilly as she pulled out a diamond neckless from the tiny box box. "It's ok really Lilly", I said rapping my arms around her. Then Jessica opened hers. "OHMIGOD ITS....ITS A RING AND ITS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RING I HAVE EVER SEEN. She yelled. "Its not any ring its a mood ring"........

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