Our Hectic Lives as Witches

This is our first story. We hope you like it. It's a love story. My cousin and I switch POVs. Two different main characters. I'm sorry I haven't writen in a long time. I have had school work that has kept me very busy. So here are two new chapters.

Chapter 1


Name- Abigal Malfoy (Abby)
Year- 6th year
House- Griffindor
Blood Status- Pure Blood
Friends- Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred, George, Charlie (Weasley), Alison Tonks, Draco, and Luna
Family- Alison Tonks (cousin), Draco Malfoy (younger brother), Narcissa(mom) Enemies- Cho Chang, Draco's Followers (Pansy, Crabbe, Goyle), Voldemort and Followers, Lucius Malfoy (dad)
Personality- Prankster, Stubborn, Loyal, Humorous, Animagus(snow tiger), Sporty
Description- dirty blonde, pretty gray-blue eyes, 5'8, Griffindor Chaser
Name-Alison Tonks(Ali)
Year-5th year
Blood Status-Pure Blood
Friends-Same as Abby & Abby
Family-Abby Malfoy(cousin), DracoMalfoy(cousin), Tonks(older sister)
Enemies-same as Abby & Lucius Malfoy(uncle)
Personality-Humorous, Positive, Sporty, humble, Metamorphosis, Artistic Description (What she normally looks like)-red-brown hair, green eyes, light freckles,5'8,Griffindor Chaser
Charlie Weasley is a year older than Ron. Lucius is a germaphobic

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