A compilation of Christmas oneshots, ficlets, and drabbles that could vary from many genres to get you into the spirit eight months early. Who says it needs to be December to carry a little Christmas joy?

And again like the rest of my stories, not mine! Enjoy :D

Chapter 1

Christmas Cheer

by: jellybab

"Yes, Emmett?

"Why is there a tiny pale person dancing around the living room singing carols?"

"I assume you mean Alice."


"So, the tiny small person is not Alice?" Carlisle inquired.

"Not unless Alice has shrunk about a foot and looks like she just fell out of the North Pole, no." Emmett persisted.

"What...?" Carlisle trailed off, an inquisitive look forming on his features.

"Come on, I'll show you!" Emmett cried as he bounded out of Carlisle's office.

Almost as fast, Carlisle was up out of his chair and following him.

When they approached the open living area, they were met with a frenzy of groans and moans.

"Alice, please stop the madness!" Jasper declared, pointing an accusing finger at her sister.

Alice, not much to Carlisle's surprise, was dressed in a red and green elf suit, complete with a jester hat and pointed shoes, the toes topped with silver bells. She was singing loudly, along to a melody of all different Christmas carols.

"Deck the hall with boughs of holly! Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!"

"Alice! Halloween was only last night! It's only the first of November, and you're already singing carols?" Edward exclaimed, irritated.

"Rudolph the red-nosed rein deer, had a very shiny nose..."

"Yeah, for Esme's sake girl, stop the madness!" Emmett added.

"For Esme's sake?" Carlisle glared at Emmett.

"Well, I would've said your name, but you were in the room so I had to use a substitute." He explained.

Sighing, Carlisle shook his head and looked towards his youngest 'daughter'. Before he could get a word out, however, Rosalie cut in with, "Carlisle, did you think she might have been dropped on her head during her transformation?"

"Frosty the snowman was a jolly happy soul. With a corn cob pipe-"

"Alice, please. Would you mind stopping for a moment?" Carlisle questioned, hoping that out of all of them, he was the one she'd listen to.

"Yes, Carlisle?" She said brightly, her eyes twinkling with holiday cheer.

"I think the others are right. Isn't it a little early to be singing along to things like Joy To The World?"

"Actually, I believe she already did that one." Edward deadpanned.

"Carlisle, it's never to early to get into the Christmas spirit!" Alice noted.

"Are you sure about that?" Rosalie thought aloud.

"Yes! You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry..."

Turning to Emmett, Carlisle said, "I thought you said that she was shorter..."

Shrugging, he replied, "It must've been the shoes."

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