A compilation of Christmas oneshots, ficlets, and drabbles that could vary from many genres to get you into the spirit eight months early. Who says it needs to be December to carry a little Christmas joy?

And again like the rest of my stories, not mine! Enjoy :D

Chapter 3

Beauty and The Beast

by: jellybab
"Help me up."

"I think that's cheating."

"If you don't help me, the snow will get all messed up and wreck it!"

"But that's the joy of it all, to see just how perfect you can get it."

"It would be perfect if you'd just help me."

"I'm not helping you."

"Edward!" Bella cried out, annoyed, as she held her hands out towards him.

"Bella, just try and get up yourself. If you're not happy with the outcome, we'll do it again." Edward smiled, looking down at her.

"Urgh! Fine!" Bella exclaimed as she put her hands out to her sides and attempted to stand up without making a mess of the flattened out snow around her.

As soon as she released her hands, thinking that she had her balance, Bella fell backwards.

"Ahhh!" She screamed watching as the dark sky came into view.

Holding back a laugh, Edward leaned down and extended his hand.

"Oh, so now you offer me help!" Bella grumbled as she took his hands and let him pull her up, her feet leaving the ground for a brief second before coming to land right in front of Edward's.

"Well, let's look at the results, shall we?" Edward asked as he turned Bella around.

They were staring at two snow angels. The one of the left was perfect in every single way; not a flake of snow was misplaced from the edge, the wings were glorious spans of white, while the gown was an exact curve. The one on the right, Bella thought, was a dreaded mess. The wings were terribly distorted white the gown was a total mess. It was clearly evident that when getting up, the person had stepped in the snow of the angel. Two deep indents were visible where her arms had landed from when she fell back into the snow.

"They don't look too bad." Edward said, staring at the pair of snow people.

"Too bad? Mine's a bloody mess!" Bella exclaimed as she looked down at her crippled one.

"No it's not."

"Edward, I know for a fact that you're not blind. Just look at mine compared to yours..."

"It's a beautiful fallen angel."

"Fallen is right." Bella murmured as she rubbed her hip.

Smirking, Edward wrapped his arms around her waist from behind.

"Poor Bella has a boo-boo. Would you like me to kiss it better?" Edward teased.

Glancing down at her jean-clad hip, Bella gulped. It would make her feel better, but who knew what prying eyes of some very curious vampires were staring out of the window's of the titanic white house behind them?

"I think I'll be fine." She whispered. Taking another look at the snow angels, Bella grinned. "I guess they aren't so bad after all."

"You see? I told you you'd do fine without me." Edward replied.

"No, I meant that they - or at least mine - weren't bad, but not in the context of snow angels."

Edward raised a quizzical eyebrow, knowing all too well that she couldn't see him.

Sensing his confusion, Bella explained further, "I think they make a good Beauty and the Beast. Considering that one is completely exquisite and the other is horridly frightening. We'll just do a little role reversal and make the male the beauty, and the female the beast."

Turning her around in his arms, Edward looked seriously down into the face of his love.

"The subject of which sex is the beauty," He stated, brushing a piece of dark hair out of her face. "In my books, beauty favors the opposite gender. Clearly, the woman is more of a beauty than the man could ever be."

"I completely disagree." Bella said, staring deeply into his golden orbs, understanding what he was getting at. "In certain cases, like ours, I believe that you are the creature of glamour."

Leaning down so his face was barely an inch away from Bella's, Edward whispered, "Now that is up for debate."

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