A compilation of Christmas oneshots, ficlets, and drabbles that could vary from many genres to get you into the spirit eight months early. Who says it needs to be December to carry a little Christmas joy?

And again like the rest of my stories, not mine! Enjoy :D

Chapter 45

One For The Books

by: jellybab
It was Christmas Eve like never before.

Everything was perfect. Presents had been exchanged, a light snow fall was currently happening outside, soft carols played out in the background, and a dim orange glow cast it's magic over the wide open room.

Sitting on the couch, was Edward. His eyes were glazed over with affection as he looked down at the tiny figure in his arms. Bella was currently cuddled up to his side, her head resting on his chest.

She had been watching the tree with undivided attention for what seemed like hours. The reflection of the candlelight from the copious amount of stylish European candles off of the hundreds of bulbs was enchanting while the angel that sat on the highest branch seemed to be watching over her and Edward. Toy soldiers clung to many branches while song birds with music stands fit in-between train carts and popcorn strings.

The look was very Victorian yet it seemed to suit the type of family the Cullens were perfectly.

A wicked smile seemed to appear on the angel's face, causing Bella to adjust herself into a more upright position.

"Bella?" Edward asked worriedly. "What's wrong?"

Narrowing her eyes at the angel, Bella thought she saw the smile drip away into the same melancholy tone she was wearing before. Deciding that it was just the candlelight playing tricks on her, she shrugged it off and replied, "Nothing. I just thought..." She trailed off.

"What?" He prompted, gazing at her thoughtful face.

"Never mind." She said as she began to reclaim her previous position. Just before her head was able to connect with his shoulder, there was the sound of a light giggle as the entire tree went up in flames.

"Oh my Carlisle!" Bella exclaimed jumping up from the couch, only to trip over her own feet.

Edward caught her just before she hit the ground, staring at the tree in bewilderment.

"Edward, we have to do something!"

Knowing that he had to get Bella out of there, he called out "Carlisle! Emmett! Jasper, Rose! Alice? Esme! Hurry up and get down here!"

Within seconds, the six vampires appeared in the room.

That as when panic ensued.

"What do we do?"

"Call the fire department! The number is 911, people!"

"Everyone, just stay calm. Now, everyone to the door."

"We need out, now!"

"How did this happen?" Jasper finally asked, attempting to find the safest exit out of the room.

"Well, there was a giggle, and then the tree went up in flames!" Bella exclaimed, holding tightly to Edward.

As soon as the words came out of her mouth, the tree smothered itself out, leaving the room in a mass of black smoke.

A lot of blinking occurred in the next few minutes as everyone stared at the sight in silence.

"Holy shit." Emmett whispered, finally coming back to his senses.

"Well," Edward began, grimacing. "This is definitely a Christmas Eve to remember."

"Yeah, truly one for the books." Alice gulped.

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