RAndom Questions from My Head:)

I was bored and random questions kept coming to my head so I thought I'd share them with you

Chapter 1

Random questions that came outa my head

Do you ever feel like this could be a dream? And we are actually old, just remembering when we were young.

Have you ever noticed how blue the sky is when you're extremely happy? Or how everyone else around you seems to be basking in your happiness as well?

Do you ever feel like absolutely no one understands you, and never will?

Do you ever feel the need to just start dancing and not care who's watching you?

Have you ever gotten those butterflies in your stomach when the person you like looks at you?

Have you ever felt like you don't want to talk or you don't wanna be happy, and everyone asks why you're sad? When in reality, you just aren't in a happy mood?

Do you ever try to rap super fast but fail epically?

Are there ever times when you need to just yell, kick, and scream?

Do you ever feel the need to just hurt yourself even though you know it won't help anything whatsoever?

Do you ever wanna be loved by one particular person, but they don't have the heart to acknowledge you?

Do you ever just wanna yell "OMG JUST SHUT THE PHUCK UP BIITCH AND STOP LYING" while in an argument?

Have you ever felt witty, but when you tried using witty remarks you fail epically?

Are there ever times when you just need to read and not stop until you fall asleep?

Are there ever times when you just want to sleep and never wake up until your prince comes and kisses you awake?

Do you ever get that super athletic kick and try sports even though you know you suck?

Do words ever just come to you, and when you put a pen in you hand and a paper in front of you, words magically appear?

Do you just wanna yell at teachers?

Are there times when you only wanna eat junk food?

Are there times when you absolutely need a poptart?

Are there times when you wanna through your phone across the room?

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