I Wanna Taste You But Your Lips Are Venomous Poison

This is a little taste of the Draco/Luna story. Tell me if you want me to continue this or do the Draco/Hermione one. I actually quite liked writing this though...

Chapter 1

Let The Games Begin...

Please pretend that all the Voldemort stuff isn't happening... It's just Luna's normal, 6th year at Hogwarts. She's 17, turning 18 this year.


I want to love you but I better not touch,
I want to hold you but my senses tell me to stop
I want to kiss you but I want it too much,
I want to taste you but your lips are venomous poison
-Groove Coverage.

The tinkling of the Hinkypuffs were quiet. Silent, even. But it was enough to wake Luna from her delicate sleep. Sitting up in bed, she noticed it was still dark outside. Letting her eyes adjust to the sudden change, a yawn escaped her lips.

There was no possible way she would sleep tonight. Of course, she usually didn’t sleep at night anyway, but tomorrow was a special occasion. A very special occasion, she corrected herself. It would be the first day back at Hogwarts, 6th year already! Happily she let out a small cheer. The young Ravenclaw just knew, deep, in the bottom of her kind heart, that this year was going to be a good one. She didn’t know why she felt that, but the thought of being back in Hogwarts was exhilarating.

Jumping off her bed gracefully, she decided to just to get ready for tomorrow. Of course she was packed, she would be silly to leave it last minute (She learnt that lesson last year!) but she looked around for anything that she would’ve missed. The truth was, Luna Lovegood had done this thrice before this night, but just needed something to keep her mind busy. There was still four hours to go before she could even think about heading to King’s Cross Station. And it opened at seven-thirty!

Finding that nothing new had appeared, she simply decided to stay up and wait. There would be no point going back to sleep, trying to take her mind off seeing all her friends. So she daydreamt, as she normally would in class, letting the thoughts barge out of her mind. She thought about Cho, her best friend ever in the universe including other universes that she didn’t know about, and how she never wanted to borrow her Radish Earrings... not that it bothered her at all. She had come to a full understanding that most people misunderstood her right from the beginning, and she accepted that. She liked being imperfect, she liked being herself. She would never change her personality for another individual. Noticing her silky black owl was chirping, she snapped out of her trance and fed Skye a treat. Sighing to herself, she paced around the room. Would the night ever end?

* * *
Finding a compartment on the scarlet train, she put her luggage onto the rails and pulled out a book. She felt content. Happy. A little worried that Cho hadn’t showed up yet, but other than that, fantastic! As she delved into the mysterious words, she started to lose her surroundings. And it was like she was watching the movie play before her. Heart beating fast, she turned the page as she heard a rather strange squeal.

‘Mind If I sit here? I’m coming anyway, so move it. Damn Pansy and her stubby little fingers-’

The blonde boy stopped abruptly, to find that it was Luna. Ugh. Loony Lovegood, he thought to himself rather disdainfully. Better than Pansy though, was his minds reply, only god knows how she would try and seduce him next. So ever so slowly, he sat on the furthest of corners, and composed his infamous smirk. Luna didn’t look up once. Once again, wrapped up in her book, it annoyed the Slytherin greatly. To not squirm under the influence of the superior was impressive. She must be playing games with his mind, must be plotting something. Letting his doubts ease, he gave a cocky grin. Let the games begin....


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