love of the Marauders!! (a young Remus Lupin love story)

love of the Marauders!! (a young Remus Lupin love story)

ok so I've a story for James and I've done 2 for Sirius so now I'm doing my Remus story. your name is Selena Black!! your Sirius' little sister and he's way too over protective even though he knows that you can kick anyone's as/!!! this story starts on Platform nine and three quarters and I thought I'd tell you just in case you got confused. please please please rate and comment!!! the comments mean more to me than the rates but it would still be nice!!! hope you enjoy!!! =) love you all!!!!!!!!

Chapter 2

The train ride and the sorting!!! continued...

We just sat there laughing and talking for a while and then I heard a very high pitched squeal. "SELENA!!" I turned to Sirius and we both smiled. "Lily!" we said at the same time and then the compartment door slid open and I was tackled into a bone crushing hug by Lily. all the boys just burst out laughing as I hugged her back. "nice to see you too Lily!" she let me go and squeezed herself in between me and Remus. "I have missed you so much Selena!" said Lily and I smiled at her. "I've missed you too Lily but it's only been 3 hours!" I said and the boys all laughed. "I know but, we always spend time together, I even tolerate Sirius to hang out with you, I know you two are really close!" she smiled at me and then realized who I was sitting with. "why are you sitting with these idiots?" she asked and James and Sirius gave a look of fake hurt while Remus rolled his eyes and Peter, well Peter doesn't do much anyway. "you said it yourself. I'm just too close with my brother!" I said very sarcastically. they all laughed and then I turned to Lily. "he wont let me leave!" I said pointing at Sirius. "but they're not all that bad!" I said. I looked over at Remus and James and they both smiled at me. "okay I agree with Remus not being as bad as the others but, do you actually like James?" she asked. "do you not remember who I live with?" Lily gave me a look as if to say "fair enough!" and I laughed at her. "well, if you have to suffer here then I guess I will too!" she said and I gave her a hug. "thanks Lil, but really, I'm not suffering!" James and Sirius crushed me into a hug. " I am....I can't breathe!" they let go and laughed at me. after the train ride was over I walked over to Hagrid, got in one of the boats with the other first years and went up to the castle to be greeted by Professor Mcgonogal. she explained everything about the four houses and about the sorting and then she took us into the great hall. after a few students were sorted it was my turn. "Black, Selena" I looked over to the Gryffindor table and my brother gave me the thumbs up. I walked up to the stool and sat down, however before the hat could even touch my head it shouted...... "GRYFFINDOR!" I smiled and ran over to the Gryffindor table. I was greeted by hugs from Sirius, James, Lily and even Peter. I turned to Remus smiling and he held out his hand ready to shake mine. I rolled my eyes slapped away his hand and opened my arms. "give me a hug mun!" I shouted over all the noise. he smiled, rolled his eyes and gave me a hug. "you'll never get away with shaking her hand mate!" said Sirius laughing. "she's even hugged the Minister for Magic!" everyone looked at me shocked. "what?!? he loves me!" I said the last part quite sarcastically but the minister did really like me. after a long sorting, the food appeared and I grabbed as much of it as I could. "your as bad as your brother!" exclaimed James from opposite me. I just shrugged and started talking to everyone. after a lot of talking, laughing and even more eating, we all headed up to the common room and into our dorms. since Lily had a spare bed in her dorm and because I had already met her dorm mates and became instant friends with them, I was asked to share a dorm with them. I went up, changed into my pj's and fell asleep with a smile on my face. I really love this place.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3 years later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It's been 3 years and I still love this place. I'm top in all of my classes, the teachers love me and I remained really close with my brother as well as becoming really good friends with the other Marauders as well. I was sitting at breakfast one morning with Lily and Alice when the boys walked up and sat with us. "morning!" said James and I just smiled at him. "so Selena, would you like to be the first ever girl Marauder?" asked James and Sirius had just taken a drink of pumpkin juice which he had spit out and it now covered Remus' face. me, Lily and Alice burst out laughing at the reaction and it was Sirius that spoke up. "you never asked me about this!" he looked shocked. "because I wanted to see your reaction! which by the way, was totally worth it." he said still laughing. I picked up a napkin and helped Remus get the pumpkin juice off his face. he smiled in thanks and when I turned back to the others they all had raised eyebrows. "what!?!" I asked seriously confused and their eyebrows just rose higher. I rolled my eyes at them and turned to James. "I'd love to be the first ever girl Marauder." I said and he smiled at me. "good" was all he said and then I turned back to Alice and Lily who still had raised eyebrows and wide smiles. this is going to be a looooong day!

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