love of the Marauders!! (a young Remus Lupin love story)

love of the Marauders!! (a young Remus Lupin love story)

ok so I've a story for James and I've done 2 for Sirius so now I'm doing my Remus story. your name is Selena Black!! your Sirius' little sister and he's way too over protective even though he knows that you can kick anyone's as/!!! this story starts on Platform nine and three quarters and I thought I'd tell you just in case you got confused. please please please rate and comment!!! the comments mean more to me than the rates but it would still be nice!!! hope you enjoy!!! =) love you all!!!!!!!!

Chapter 3

You're crazy!

After breakfast I was walking out of the great hall, about to go to Charms when Lily grabbed me by the arm and dragged me over to a corner with Alice following close behind. "what are doing?" I asked them, I was quite confused right now. They both had extremely wide smiles on their faces. "oh come on!! it's so obvious!!" squeaked Lily. "what is?" they both rolled their eyes at me and shared a look. "YOU LIKE REMUS!!" they shrieked together and I could have sworn I saw the marauders walk past and burst out laughing. "Jesus Christ! keep it down would you! and no, I do not like Remus as more than a friend! Are you crazy?" I asked. 'where the hell did they get this idea from?' I thought. "oh please! we saw you at breakfast this morning" said Alice, still smiling. 'asked and answered'. "with the pumpkin juice?" I asked and they both nodded their heads. "That was nothing! I do not like Remus!" They both rolled their eyes and shook their heads. "yeah, sure!" they said in unison. "look, me and Remus are friends and nothing more okay? now I'm going to charms because I do not want to be late!" and with that I walked away and headed to charms.

~~~~~~~~Remus' POV~~~~~~~~~~~~

I was walking out of the great hall with the other marauders when I heard two girls shout. "YOU LIKE REMUS!" Everyone stopped and laughed, especially James and Sirius. They both turned around to look at me and I held my hands up in surrender. "I don't know who it is!" I said defensively and James just smiled while Sirius laughed again. "you know, I reckon I know who likes you Mooney!" said James as we walked to Transfiguration. "do I want to know?" I asked cautiously. James rolled his eyes. "I bet it's Selena!" he said and both me and Sirius stopped. "what?!?" we said at the same time. "Selena, they were Alice and Lily's voices! who else would it be?" he continued and Sirius didn't look to happy. "It wasn't Selena! and plus even if it was, I wouldn't do that to Sirius, I prefer my head on my shoulders thanks!" I replied and Sirius gave me a grateful look. "thanks Mooney." We started walking again and I saw an evil smirk on James' face which is never good. "you know Sirius, I've been thinking and I was going to ask her out myself!" he said and Sirius stopped again. "who?" he asked. "Selena!" said James with a smirk. "are you serious?" Sirius asked. "yeah" he smiled. "I thought you were after Lily?" James rolled his eyes. "I was but, I don't know, something changed." he actually looked serious. "yeah sure, go on then. I'd rather it be one of my friends than someone who's gonna screw her over." said Sirius and then James smiled. "thanks mate! I'll ask her at lunch." I suddenly felt something in the pit of my stomach but, I couldn't be jealous! could I?

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