love of the Marauders!! (a young Remus Lupin love story)

love of the Marauders!! (a young Remus Lupin love story)

ok so I've a story for James and I've done 2 for Sirius so now I'm doing my Remus story. your name is Selena Black!! your Sirius' little sister and he's way too over protective even though he knows that you can kick anyone's as/!!! this story starts on Platform nine and three quarters and I thought I'd tell you just in case you got confused. please please please rate and comment!!! the comments mean more to me than the rates but it would still be nice!!! hope you enjoy!!! =) love you all!!!!!!!!

Chapter 4

I'm sorry.......did you just ask me out?

Sirius' POV

"you know Sirius, I've been thinking and I was going to ask her out myself!" James said and I stopped again. "who?" I asked. "Selena!" said James with a smirk. "are you serious?" I asked. "yeah" he smiled. "I thought you were after Lily?" James rolled his eyes. "I was but, I don't know, something changed." he actually looked serious and then I saw that mischievous glint in his eyes and I knew he was planning something . "yeah sure, go on then. I'd rather it be one of my friends than someone who's gonna screw her over." I said and then James smiled. "thanks mate! I'll ask her at lunch."

~~~~~~~~Selena's POV~~~~~~~~~

The girls wouldn't stop talking about how they thought I liked Remus and every time they brought it up I would deny it and that would just convince them even more. When I walked down to the great hall for lunch they were still talking about it. "ALRIGHT! ENOUGH ALREADY!!" I shouted and got a few very strange looks. "okay okay we'll stop!" said Alice holding up her hands in surrender. I started eating and then the boys walked in. Sirius and James sat opposite us while Remus sat next to me and Peter next too him. "hi guys!" I said and when I looked up I saw a mischievous twinkle in James' eyes. That was never good. "hi" he said and I went back to eating before he could include me in whatever he was thinking. "so what have you three been up to?" asked James and it was Alice that answered. "I've been hanging around with Frank while Lily was studying with Severus and Selena was getting herself in trouble!" she said and I looked up. "why do you always assume it's my fault?" I asked with a look of fake innocence. She raised her eyebrow at me. "because you charmed professor McGonogal's chalk to write that she loves Albus Dumbledore!!!" she said and James and Sirius burst out laughing, Remus was smiling and shaking his head, Peter looked confused and Lily was giving me a disapproving look. "okay that I actually did but, earlier she gave me detention for passing notes in class! who would I be passing notes to?" I defended. "okay true." said Alice and she turned back to her food. "wait a minute what lesson was this?" asked James. "third." I answered before thinking. "you were using that charmed peace of paper to talk to me in third lesson!" he almost shouted. This time it wasn't just Sirius who did a spit take but, it was Lily and Alice too. Sirius' pumpkin juice sprayed all over me and both Alice and Lily's sprayed over James. "yeah, not so pleasant is it?" asked Remus from next to me. he was laughing. "oh shut up!" I replied and wiped the juice off my face. "so Selena..." started James so I looked up at him. "...I was thinking-" well thats never good" I cut in. he rolled his eyes and continued. "would you like to come to Hogsmeade with me this weekend?" he asked and I did a spit take, all over Sirius. I started having a coughing fit so Alice clapped me on the back a few times. When I had stopped coughing I turned to James. "I''m sorry.......did you just ask me out?" I asked with wide eyes. "yeah!" he replied. I looked over at Lily and Alice who just shrugged. well, Alice shrugged while Lily shook her head frantically. I laughed at Lily and turned to James. I saw that mischievous twinkle in his eyes again and I knew he was planning something. "yeah okay!" I answered and Lily glared daggers at me. "great I'll talk to you later then!" said James and he got up to leave with the other boys walking off after him. "what the hell were you thinking?" asked Lily. "relax Lil! He's planning something I can tell." I told her while Alice was already planning what I would wear. I rolled my eyes at Alice and continued with my food.

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