Mischief Manage-A Weasley Twin Love Story

Mischief Manage-A Weasley Twin Love Story

This is the story of a girl named Adrianna Pattilo. She goes to Hogwarts and is in her 5rd year.(3nd for Harry)Her 2 best friends are Fred and George Weasley the Weasley Twins
Hair:Raven Black(Hip length)Eyes:Green like emeralds Skin:Pale with freckles Height:(tall) 5.9 Body: Athletic skinny
Please Comment! P.S. this story isn't exactly like the book!
I don't own anything, no infringement intended, and I do not make any profit off of this

Chapter 1

Off to Hogwarts!

I walked passed the compartments,looking for an empty one.I was on the train that was going to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It was my third year there and i was hoping something very exciting would happen. I finally found a compartment empty and settled in.A few minutes later my best friends Fred and George Weasley walked in laughing" Hey A.! may we sit with you?" Fred asked."of course!!" i exclaimed."nice outfit!"laughed George who sat next to me, Fred across looking jealous. i gave them both a hug and then sat back down."so how was your summers?" i asked "wonderful!wish you were there! hey...you should come to the burrow next summer!!" Fred said. I nodded looking very excited"how was your summer?" asked George. "nice...a bit boring but a well!"I laughed.They looked at each other and nodded"we'll make sure this school year isn't boring!" they said simultaneously. i laughed.We talked and talked until we got to the stop. we changed into our robes and walked to the carriages that would take us to the school. we shared ours with 2 Ravenclaws. they glanced at us, laughed and then went on ignoring us.We got to the school and everyone walked into the Great Hall.I sat sandwiched in between the twins. Across from us was Ron Weasley, the twins little brother,Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger. We listened to Albus Dumbledor's speech and the sorting of the first years, then a magnification feast appeared.As we ate we all catched up and talked about new classes and our new Defense Against the Dark arts teacher, Professor Lockhart.After that we all walked to the common room and went to sleep. I dreamed about the twins...strangely, and we were playing spin the bottle. i woke alone in my dorm i share with Elaine Scott and Kylana Redmond."must be downstairs" i muttered and stretched. a letter sat on my bed. i picked it up and opened it seeing it was my schedule. it went: DADA,Potions, Transfiguration,Herbology, Ancient Runes, Charms....etc. i sighed and got up. i dressed and headed downstairs to eat. i spotted Elaine walking into the Great Hall and rush to catch up with her. "Adriana!!!" cried Elaine, hugging me." hey!!I've missed you all summer!" I exclaimed. we walked in together and sat next to Kylana. "hey guys!" She said, nose buried in a book.I grinned and grabbed some food. then we rushed off to Defense Against the Dark Arts with Lockhart. We walked in and sat together in the back. Soon everyone filed in and we all sat waiting. "hello! Professor Gilderoy Lockhart, at your serves." he walked out and flashes a smile.I here girls giggling, but I roll my eyes.by the end of the class i was half asleep, Kylana was reading again and totally lost interest, and Elaine just left.we all exited and hurried to our next class.I walked to Potions class and ran into Fred and George."There you are! we missed you at breakfast!"exclaimed Fred "oh hey guys!Heading to Potions too?"I asked" are you kidding? we're skipping classes! pranking people and playing jokes is so much funner! you should join us we won't be missed!"George happily said."oh...ok!" i said hesitating for a minute. we headed to the common room, but as we passed Snape's office, Snape appeared in front of us."missing class are we? in my office now!" he grabbed us by the ears and pushed us into his office which was dark and smelled awful. "stay here!" and he left us alone."well...this sucks!" muttered Fred. We all burst out laughing. Then the small light went out and all was pitch black. I felt them both grab my hand....

On Train-http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=30198215
In Hogwarts-http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=30215086

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